Gallery > Visual Effects

  • JS Icon Browser
    Demonstrates icon browser with search to view and find all available icons.
  • JS Background Styling
    Demonstrates using complex background fills on the chart.
  • JS ChartArea Image
    Demonstrates using an image for the chart area of a JSC chart.
  • Background Color
    Demonstrates background color usage.
  • Background Gradient
    Demonstrates background gradients usage.
  • Background Image
    Demonstrates background image usage.
  • Background Image Stretch
    Demonstrates stretched background image usage.
  • Background Image Tile
    Demonstrates tiled background image usage.
  • Bar Fixed Size
    Manipulate the bar size of a chart. This is also useful when drilling down data to keep the columns looking the size same.
  • Bevel
    Give your charts some style using the bevel effect.
  • Hatch Enhanced
    How columns can be enhanced visually using a hatch style.
  • Glass Effect
    Use the glass effect. This effect works best on box objects.
  • Floating Pie
    Demonstrates floating pies inside a border using the margin and background options.
  • Image Bars
    Demonstrates using image bar templates.
  • Image Bars 2
    Demonstrates using image bar templates.
  • Image Bars 3
    Demonstrates using ImageBar templates.
  • Image Bars 4
    Demonstrates using ImageBar templates.
  • Image Bar
    Demonstrates image bars, title box customization, image background and axis label outline usage.
  • Gradient Line
    Demonstrates using a multi-color 2D line.
  • Gradient Spline
    Demonstrates using a multi-color 2D spline.
  • Gradient Spline 3D
    Demonstrates using a multi-color 3D spline.
  • Hatch Pie
    Demonstrates using hatch patterns with a pie chart.
  • Brush Background
    Demonstrates using a custom brush with a background object.
  • Marker Image Color Replace
    Demonstrates using a single image with a dynamic color to represent elements from different series.
  • Dynamic Color Threshold
    Demonstrates using different dynamic image color tolerance settings and their effects.
  • Dynamic Color Threshold 2
    Demonstrates the behavior variable transparency of the dynamic color on custom images.
  • Transparent Background
    Demonstrates using variable transparency with PNG images.
  • Floating Chart
    Demonstrates a floating combo chart.
  • Color Pie Top Manually
    Demonstrates how to manually create a single pie from multiple series using ChartType.Pies and how to color in the top of a 3D pie using the original colors so that 3D shading does not affect it.
  • Border Annotation
    Demonstrates using an annotation to draw a border around the chart.
  • Background Transparency
    Demonstrates background transparency usage.
  • Pie Shading
    Demonstrates using shading effects and a background box with a pie chart.