Testimonials and Quotes

The following comments were sent, unsolicited, to .netCHARTING sales and support teams. Contact us today to discover for yourself the unprecedented level of service provided both before and after purchase!

  Great! That did it. Thanks. You guys are great. What a customer service department. Take the rest of the day off.   

  Thank you for the quick dialogue today. I made at lot of progress in just the last few hours!   

  I was looking for some help for creating charts in c# and then i saw your product .net charting and was amazed...   

  Great site, and great looking product... I was one of the designers of the earlier Netscape application and a large number of other products including stuff for MTV, IBM, etc ..., etc ... ... And I don't write notes like this often !!! I am darn impressed... Good stuff.   

  Very impressed by the quality of the images produced.   

  I want to say that you have a nice product here that I will be purchasing   

  Thank you for the prompt feedback.   

  Thanks for the quick response.   

  Thanks for the quick answer.   

  I checked out your site. It looks like a very nice charting component!    

  Good morning. I just found your product and I am very impressed.   

  The visuals are very sweet! It looks really professional.    

  Great product !!   

  Thanks for the new build. It is helping a lot.   

  Thanks again, I'm sold.   

  With your responsiveness, I'll heartily recommend your product.   

  Really like you charting solution.   

  I am really impressed with your charting tool   

  Thanks for the quick response...   

  We have reviewed you product and are very impressed.   

  Just wanted to let you guys know that you have the best looking charts I've seen! Your charts really have a nice visual impact!   

 Thanks. It worked like a champ. Thanks for the quick response.   

 Your quick response is greatly appreciated.   

  Fantastic. thank you for your quick reply. It looks great at first sight!   

  The product looks amazing   

  After I have been working with .netcharting I must say that your product is great!   

  Thank you for your prompt reply and assistance!   

  Thanks for your quick response.   

  Thanks for your time and help.   

  Again, I am very impressed with your software and customer support.   

  I've just finished spending about 4 hours working on a demo for my client using your DotNetCharting tool. To say that I'm impressed would be a gross understatement. Amazed. Blown away. Stunned.   

  I've looked at several charting and graphing components and nothing comes even close to what you folks are offering for the money. The price is a pittance for what the component does.   

  Within 4 hours, I downloaded your component, played around with the sample code then developed a web page that pulls live data from my client's Oracle 8i server and lets them chart and analyze it to their heart's content.   

  Your charting features looks great!   

 Thanks for your quick response. great job!   

  Thanks again and for the quick reply.   

  Your product looks excellent   

  Great product !!   

  Thanks for the quick response.    

  Thanks for the help. The application is terrific!   

  I love this thing. I tried 3 or 4 other charting components and had a miserable time just getting the demos to work. This was exactly what I was looking for.   

  Thank you for your quick response. I have since managed to sort this problem out (access rights related). It now works perfectly with SQL server and I will be placing an order in the next few days.   

  You guys are great! Thanks that worked.   

  Thanks for the extra help!   

  Thanks for the quick reply   

  Thanks very much for the fast reply.   

  Thanks for the quick answer.  

  Thanks for that feedback - and so quick!    

  Wow. I'm impressed. Nice job.   

  Thanks very much for your quick help!   

   I am purchasing a site license of .netCharting Enterprise edition, (which by the way is awesome!).   

  I just downloaded your dotnetCHARTING and want to tell you it is a great product !  I have a couple of clients using a much less robust and attractive charting solution for ASP.NET right now and was quickly able to the code for one of them with a demo of your product as an alternative.    

  Congrats again on shipping such a cool product !     

  I've downloaded your product giving it try, and I'm totally blown away. Love it.     

  Let me congratulate you for developing such a wonderful dotnet Charting Solution.     

  ...you have a great product at a great price. I'm a developer on the application, so I worry more about  functionality (which is great, from what I've seen)     

  Your AxisScale - Range feature rocks!     

  Just as an FYI, your graphing software is being used to help monitor cases in ER rooms around our tri-county area in the search and early diction of biological disasters.  So many thanks for a very fine product that has impressed many professionals in the area.     

  Great answer. Just what I needed.  You have great support.     

  I appreciate the personal and timely support I've received from your company so far.     

  Thank you for the quick response.     

  Sounds good. I want to thank you and the rest of the dotnetCharting group. We are very pleased with the product and the support we have been shown.   

  Thanx for fast response!   

  This is a great library. Well done.     

  Awesome, fast response and recompilation !  It's nice to work with someone as responsive as dotnetCHARTING. Thank you !     

  Thank you for your prompt action.  ...  Everything is working great at the moment.  I appreciate all your help.     

  After a few tests we realized that this was exactly what we needed!! Beautiful product!     

  Thank you for the quick response.     

   We recently evaluated your charting controls, and I have to say that they are some of the most visually impressive charts I have ever seen!  The quality and speed of the rendering is astounding -- not to mention the amazing feature set.    

  WOW! Thanks for the quick response.     

  Well, I must say that your product is AWESOME!!!!     

  We have implemented your demo version and are VERY impressed.     

  I'm very impressed with your charting tool, definitely the most stunning visually, and lets face it, half the reason for doing graphs is the graphical wow factor.     

   I want to compliment you guys on the work you are doing. This component was good before and it is getting better.    

  Thank you for your support so far, you have been helpful, honest and prompt.     

   I am definitely impressed by the look of your charts.    

   Your charts look really quite amazing [...] I think it offers the best product at the best price.    

   Thanks for the quick response!!!  

  I am very impressed with the product and your customer service!|      

  Thank you for your prompt response.  I really like the way your group supports the users.      

  Yesss! It worked just like you said!  How come you're so very good and swift at this?      

  Thanks for your prompt attention! Your product is excellent. Thanks to dotNetCharting, our new App will go live one month ahead of schedule! 

  It's a great product you have, and a very competitive price also.   

  That's perfect!  Outstanding support.   

  Allow me inform you that you have the BEST chart program for .NET - it has exactly what I need.   

  Thanks, your software looks amazing!   

  We've just purchased dotNetCharting and I'm very pleased with the results. It produces some excellent looking graphs.   

  My name is [...] from Israel and I'm developer in [...] Company I try your component and I must say this is great and easy like you say!   

  I ended up using your component to create the charts for my own Business  Intelligence Software ... Which ultimately saved my business over $45,000!    

   I have been looking for a chart-component all over the internet for a few weeks and today I found your homepage.   

   After a few hours of drooling over your gallery I must say I am very very very impressed!   

  I remember a while back looking for chart components and eventually, out of  frustration, wondering if anyone was smart enough to come up with an easy  way to do charting! ... Then I found out about you guys - Now I know that  only 1 company is smart enough to come up with an easy way to do charting.  Thanks for great (easy to use) software!   

  I must say I'm very impressed with the quality of support I've been given 

  Thanks for the prompt reply.  Your technical support has been awesome! 

  That's perfect!  Outstanding support. 

  We have looked at and tried all the charting options out there .... and yours is by far the best so far. 

   I've shopped around quite a bit, and have decided that your product most adequately suits my needs.  It's very well done, flexible, and has enough glitter to really make a site stand out.

  Thank you very much for the consideration & support! 

  Worked like a champ!  Thanks for all your help! 

  Perfect as always. Thanks. 

  Thank you for creating such a cool product! Great work! 

  We are seeing great results from your product, the presentation quality of the graphs produced is really excellent. 

  Thanks for the quick response. 

  The simple licensing model is much appreciated - i'm still trying to work out what we would have to pay if we purchased the [competitor] Charting software!   

  If you have any need for generating data-based charts and graphs - you really need to take a look at a site / product dotnetcharting.com. They have written a very cool tool which allows you to connect to a database, pull down data into a datagrid and then generate a chart or graph from about 30 different choices. Pricing is pretty reasonable, and taking a look at some of the available graphs - they make [competitors] etc. look like etch-a-sketch.   

  Thank you very much for your timely response.    

   I think it's very safe to say, hands down, this is the most impressive demo I've ever seen, in over 13 years as an IT Professional!  

  I love your Product.  I had evaluated others prior to getting to yours. Some Less Expensive, and others that were a LOT more expensive.  Yours has turned out to be the Best for what I am doing.   

  Thanks for information. It's really great how simple your control can be used, when you know the right way.   

  I'm amazed at the simplicity of this program but its amazing capabilities. Good job!   

  Thanks for the quick turn around.  Your quick response to my inquiry is yet another impressive feature.   

  Thanks for your quick reply. ...this is the second time I have requested information and you have been very quick to reply. I will purchase the chart software tomorrow and I am just amazed at what it can do.   

  I would first like to start off by saying I think your product ROCKS. This is one of the best packages I have seen, and have recently purchased  the product.   

  I think the product is the most versatile and best looking I have come across - especially for the price. I am intending to use it to show the status of all our production lines on a live intranet.   

  Thank you very much for the quick reply   

  You have a good product.   

  Thanks for a great product, we have used it for development for three-four days and have already decided to abandon [competitor] for dotnetCharting.   

  Great. Thanks for your prompt response.   

  Thank you very much for making such an impressive product!   

  BTW, congratulations on an EXCELLENT product... we remain quite pleased with it - one of the best development investments we have made!   

  I appreciate your quick response. Thanks.   

  Thank you for your prompt reply.   

  let me commend you on an excellent charting product - I have spent a great amount of time evaluating different charting tools, and yours is best in terms of a price per feature ratio.  I love the look and feel of the charts!   

  Thank you very, very much for making that change.  Everything works exactly as advertised and you have a happy customer.  I hope someone makes *your* day today.  Best of luck in the future.   

  Oh we love you guys. Absolutely amazing product by the way!   

  I'm interested in purchasing the .netCHARTING control from yourselves after a successful test and demonstration to my boss's.  The control has gone down a treat with a slick look and feel compared to other controls out there.    

  Thank You so much!! It is very appreciated!   

  Thank you very, very much!   

  ...being the lead developer here - I can safely say that your product is without doubt, one of the best programmatic charting solutions I have ever tried...   

  This is excellent news and many thanks for your very prompt reply (considering the time zone difference!).   

  Your charting product looks fantastic   

  Thank you for the information (very fast).   

  Thanks for the appropriate and immediate reply.   

  Terrific!  I really appreciate this!   

  Thanks for your quick response!   

  Thanks again for your help and flexibility.   

  Thank you for your prompt reply!   

  Thank you very much indeed for your extremely fast response!   

  First of all - great charting component. :-)   

  Thanks very much for your prompt response.   

  I have just spent the last week fighting with one of you competitors charting products.  I have just achieved in a few hours what I haven't managed to achieve in two days using [competitor].   

  Many thanks for your help with this.   

  Thank you for your support and help.   

  BTW, I recently did a comparison of .netCharting vs. [competitor] for my new project, and you guys win hands down for ease of use!     

  Thanks for your kindness and service helping me in this project. I'm a very pleased client of yours and appreciate very much your service level.   

  Thank you VERY MUCH [for your] very very prompt response!   

  Most of the rest of the Charting programs were built with people using them in Design mode, NOT the runtime building that I have to have.  I was NOT able to control through code their Charts and get them to do what I needed in a easy Manner.  Yours work fantastic in the runtime environment that I use. Your Documentation is a lot better than most out there also.   

  I have been looking for a charting tool that satisfies my needs for quite a while. I have to say that .net CHARTING is the easiest tool to work with and the results look amazing.   

  First off, great product! It's easier for me to create web based charts for management using your product than getting them set up in excel.   

  Perfect.Thank you. Love the product, keep it up.   

  Great response. Thanks for the help. Your product looks great!!   

  NB: The last update looks great - especially the minimum time to specify before temp files are deleted and the new gauges.   

  We love the product and are at least purchasing 1 server license.  I was playing with the [competitor] components, and your product is much friendlier and versatile.   

  You rock, that is exactly what I needed! Thanks a million.   

  Again, a really wonderful product. It really helps me create great analytic tools and visualizations. Thank you for your good work (and support).   

  Thanks for all your support, while we were evaluating your trial version. We purchased a server license and already it is gaining popularity within the department.   

  Thanks very much for your help, and I really like this tool, it is the best I have seen [compared] to all the chart components we have researched.   

  Thanks for the quick response!!!!! Great product....keep it coming!   

  It works like a champ.       

  I will no doubt be making a purchase due to the great support and a very robust product.   

  I must congratulate you on the amazing product. I am starting to evaluate it on a new project for a client in Southern California, and I am amazed by quality and features. I am sure I will be recommending it to my clients in the future.   

  Many thanks for all your efforts, the results are fantastic!   

  We're pretty sure we're going with your package for a web project me and some friends are working on, its by far the best out there.. nice work.   

  Thank you for the quick response. Your product is absolutely amazing.   

  I am an ex-[competitor] user that needs to draw a spline curve on the web. I have downloaded your software and was easily able to do that. I also like your pricing. We only have a need for a spline curve, and [competitor] would cost at least 6 times more than your package, not to mention that the people at [competitor] are a bunch of pompous [gentlemen].   

  I recently purchased the chart control, and it's absolutely awesome.  The speed, flexibility, professional look, all that stuff is just great.   

  I have received your help mail with an answer for my query (previous mail). This speaks volumes about your support to customers. Thanks for the same.   

  ...I must say that your product is prime !!   

  Just a small note to let you guys know that I'm 100% happy and satisfied with dotnetCHARTING. It's very apparent that there was A LOT of hard work and thought put into this DLL. Great job!   

  ...I'm pretty darn excited about your product.   

  Our department recently installed a demo version of dotnetcharting and we found the quality and the speed of rendering of the charts quite astounding.   

  You guys did a fantastic job with this component.  I literally said "WOW" when I saw the first chart on my ASP.NET page because of the attention to detail, the glass effects.  I was "WOW"ed once more when I realized that the Chart could automatically group my data by week, month, quarter, etc.  I used to have to write all these charts separately.  Two hours after downloading a trial, I now have sales, revenue and customer activity charts using live SQL data.   

  To be the best charting component, it must be low price and easy to use. dotnetCHARTS has both in an object design that actually pays attention to Microsoft .NET Design Guidelines.  This deserves respect from me.   I can see now why [competitor] and [competitor] are nervous.    

  I really appreciate the extra effort!  I will not hesitate to recommend your products to my colleagues in the industry!   

  By the way, we find your product is very easy to use and meets all of our current needs.   

  Thanks so much. We were really impressed with the evaluation version and look forward to using it.   

  Thanks.  You guys are quick.   

  That's perfect! I appreciated your help with this.   

  I saw your website and I'm impressed with what your .NetCharting control can do.   

  I must congratulate you on the amazing product... I am amazed by its quality and features.   

  ...it's by far the best out there.. nice work.   

  Many thanks for all your efforts, the results are fantastic !   

  Thank you for the quick response.  Your product is absolutely amazing.   

  I recently purchased the chart control, and it's absolutely awesome.  The speed, flexibility, professional look, all that stuff is just great.   

  Thanks for the quick response.  This is a great product.   

  Excellent! The chart looks great!   

  I have to say I'm very impressed with your product.   

  Thanks! This product is very cool.   

  When looking for complete charting solutions, I must admit that I was very impressed with the package that you offer.   

  Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.   

  Really an awesome product you have.   

  It's great to see your product, absolutely impressive indeed.   

  Your tool is absolutely incredible!!!   

  Thanks a lot.  Also I just wanted to mention that this seems to be an awesome charting component as far as functionality and looks.  I'm just experimenting with it at this point but so far I've been very impressed! I've been searching for something like this for sometime and this is superior to anything else I've seen.   

  Great stuff by the way, I'm creating demo's for a client right now...   

  I have now produced quite a few nice charts and am impressed by the tool.   

  Wow, I didn't expect such a fast reply!   

  I'd like to thank you and your team of developers for coming out with a great charting tool.  We are very pleased with its performance, and great look.    

  Thanks for the quick response. It worked perfectly fine! You guys have created a very impressive software!   

  I always thought you guys made great looking charts. Making it available to us standalone devs was a smart move. Good job.   

  That is quite impressive customer service.  Thank you for letting me know.   

  Thanks for all the information. You have been very helpful... this is an excellent product and will save me much development time.   

  thank you very much for your excellent product, and keep up the good work.   

  That was the answer I was hoping for!! Thanks again for your assistance.   

  I decided to try your charting component out of total frustration with one of your competitor's products.  I've been using your charting control for about a week now, and I think it is awesome!   

  BTW The charting tool is great, lots of possibilities, fast and results in great looking charts.   

  We have been using dotnetCHARTING for over a year now and love it!   

  Thank you for your support :-) The new key works "like a charm"   

  Thank you for working with us - and for a great product!   

  Ok - thanks for the quick reply - have a good day.   

   Thank you very much for your prompt reply!   

  Thank you.  Your support has been great!   

  First off, let me say that you have the best product on the market!   

  Your chart visuals are stunning!   

  That was quick! ... Many thanks for such a quick response.   

  Great service! - thanks a lot   

  Thank you very much for that immediate comeback.   

  Thank you for your prompt response.   

  Thank you for the quick reply!   

  I'm impressed with the quality of your graphics and specially the ease of use.   

  Thanks very much. Love the product.   

  Thanks a lot. Your customer service is simply great!   

  Hi; we're [Microsoft] using your product for a bunch of our websites (on one server) and love it!   

  Thanks for your help and quick responses. We love your charting tool!   

  We have evaluated many charting controls and feel that yours is the best option for our new web-based offering.   

  Thank you very much for your prompt response.   

  It worked! Thank you for all the help on this issue.   

  I was able to make very attractive charts quickly and was impressed with the controls   

  Perfect everything works fine now. Thanks!!   

  Thank you for your speedy response.   

  Thanks, you have been wonderful in support. Cheers.   

  Thanks for the quick response.   

  We intend to use your software to develop charting applications for our clients as we have found it to be the best .NET charting tool available in the market.   

  Thanks for the prompt response.   

  I have been experimenting with .net Charting and find it extremely  powerful and easy to use.   

  Got it - thanks a lot!   

  Thanks a lot, you're great!!! Have a nice day, CIAO from Italy!   

  Thanks a lot for the quick response.   

  Thank your for your efficiency   

  Also congratulations on an awesome charting tool ... money well spent.   

  I received this and appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue so quickly. Thanks again.   

  Great report system!   

  From what I have seen on the site, your graph outputs are far superior to anything out there.   

  Excellent. Everything is working now. Thank you very much.   

  Wow, fast response. I haven't even finished looking at your site!!! :)   

  Excellent - I really appreciate your understanding and continued  excellent product and service!   

  Thanks for working with me on this and your quick responses.   

  Thanks for your prompt service.   

  Thank you for the quick response.   

  Thanks a lot. Your graphic software has helped introduce some nice eye candy to my work.   

  Thanks for your help and a great component.   

  Thanks much for all your help. It is working beautifully now. Thanks again.   

  Many thanks and great product      

  Thanks a lot for your help. Your Support is excellent.   

  I'm a current customer (web-based charting) and love your product.   

  Thanks for the quick response previously, greatly appreciated.   

  Thank you so much!!!   

  Thank you so much for the quick response   

  Many thanks for your prompt response.   

  Fast! Thank you!   

  I just wanted to say what a great product you have. I've been playing with the demo version for a few days, and it really does an amazing job.      

  Thanks for the speedy support!   

  thank you for the prompt response.   

  Your product produces great looking charts and graphs and is very easy to use (the sample code behind your chart gallery is amazingly useful!).   

  Many thanks for your prompt assistance!   

  It is very important to us, we used your Radar plots already in 2 projects. You have the most beautiful radar plots of all components I looked for on the web.   

  Thank you.  BTW - we are very pleased with your application.   

  Thank you! That worked for us. I appreciate your help.   

  I would like to thank you for your quick response to our issue. We appreciate the work you have done to resolve this.   

  Appreciate your speed of turnaround and accommodation...   

  Just so you know, your customer service is great and very responsive. We understand that from time to time mistakes do happen, and we really appreciate the care you have shown in helping us to resolve this problem.   

  we are extremely satisfied with your product.   

  Awesome! that worked, Thanks I love your product BTW!      

  Thanks for the fast response.   

  We were looking at some components, and yours is definitely the nicest one.   

  The support is great.   

  Thank YOU! Thank YOU!!   

  Wonderful! Its working as it should - thank you for all the back and forth, much appreciated.   

   Special thanks for your great work on this product - its amazing in its possibilities.    

   Thank you for all you have done for me.    

   Thanks for your prompt reply. 

   Thank you, thank you very very much.  

   Thank You very much, we appreciate your flexibility in this a bit unusual usage scenario.  

   Thanks for the extremely quick reply!  

   Hi and thank you for your fast answer. ... BTW, Great product!  

   Thanks for your help. You have a great product.  

   Thank you for your quick response  

   Dear Support team, Thank you so much.  

   It's working now, thank you so much! I guess I didn't download the server  version.  Have a great day.   Thanks a million for the very quick response   Wow... ::jaw dropping:: This must be the fastest response I have received ever (and I have been in this business for 15+ years). Congratulations on that!   Greatly appreciated and thank you so much for your prompt support. Keep up the good work :)   We love your product.   Thank you very much - nice to see that the speed of your support is as high as the usability and quality of your control. Keep up the good work!   

 Once again, your service is MUCH APPRECIATED, very timely!!! Outstanding.   

 Great job! Your product and your support. The benefits for SO many citizens, nonprofits, etc. are beginning to be realized, having considerable positive impact, much in part due to your product(s) priced right, easy to use, visually appealing, etc etc etc. Thank you.   

 That was it! Thanks -- this is great stuff -- thanks for the speedy reply.   

 Great!! It works now. Greatly appreciated and thank you so much for your prompt support. Keep up the good work :)   

 Thanks! The chart is looking great now. Just what I needed, and I really appreciate it! Keep up the great work and support.   

 Thanks for your help, it worked a treat.    

 I've sent a few questions your way, and you are always prompt with your responses. We're very happy with you and .netCharting! Thanks for all your help!   

 We recently purchased .netCharting Enterprise Edition. Your product is excellent. It has really saved the day!   

 Thank you very much. This works perfectly fine with us. We never thought this could be achievable with dotnetcharting, and you proved us wrong.   

 That's done the trick and dug me out of a hole. Much appreciated.   

 BTW you guys have the best software support yet!   

 Thank you so much for your help. This is what I was looking for. You guys have great customer service!   

 I recently found dotNetCharting, and I must say, this is one of the best charting suites I've seen. I'm putting together a dashboard, and the simplicity and power of dotNetCharting really helps.