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Providing leading ASP.NET chart and visualization
solutions for over 18 years.

Welcome to .netCHARTING

Your source for the easiest to use and most visually stunning charts available
.netCHARTING enables your web site to display massive amounts of dynamically generated data quickly and easily through a visual interface.  Built with 100% managed code using C# and provided with extensive samples in both VB.NET and C#, this high performance charting control also contains a feature rich data access and aggregation system with calculation support.  We continue to add value and functionality (such as the gauge and dial chart added in 2.5, the geographic map chart and vector chart in 4.0, AJAX scroll / zoom in 5.0, organizational charts in 5.1, digital dashboards charts in 6.0, TreeMap charts in 6.1 and JavaScript HTML5 Charts in 7.0, Circular Gauges in 9.0) and a dedicated ASP.NET MVC chart bundle in 9.3 all included with no add-on purchases required. 

See what's new or download a fully functional, free, developer version and start charting today!

In the Spotlight

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    Download .netCHARTING 9.3

    7/1/2019: Our latest feature packed release now with even more advanced interactive, resolution independent and mobile support! Download Now

  • Celebrating 10 Years of Charting!

    We are pleased to celebrate over 10 years of chart and visualization solutions. Don't miss our limited time upgrade promotion! More

  • Latest Tools & OS Support

    .netCHARTING is certified for Windows Server 2012 and supports Visual Studio 2015 and .NET framework 4.6 ( v2.0+ are all officially supported)! More

What's New

  • Version 9.3 Released
  • Version 9.2 Released
  • Version 9.1 Released
  • Version 9.0 Released
  • Version 8.4 Released
  • Version 8.3 Released
  • Version 8.2 Released
  • WS2012 Certified