Vector Chart Format Support

.netCHARTING 4.0 offers unprecedented native vector image support including: Flash (SWF), Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), Portable Document Format (PDF), and beta Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML).

Vector output is resolution independent and represents the image with geometric shapes. Bitmap or raster based output, commonly referred to as images or pictures, are composed of individual pixels. As you zoom in on a bitmap image you can start to see the individual pixels, while a vector image maintains its detail. New: 4.1 adds SVGZ (compressed SVG support) and PDF compression along with final XAML support with .NET 3.0.

Example zoomed legend box output as a bitmap image file:

Example zoomed legend box output as a vector image file:

.netCHARTING is unique in that it offers true vector support for all vector formats, even PDF output. Some solutions simply create a single large bitmap image and enclose it in a PDF or Flash container. Of course, the benefits of vector support are lost in such a case and you would be better of working with the bitmap image itself. If you ever zoom or print a PDF document and see a pixelated, blurry or jagged result you know you are not working with a true native vector source. .netCHARTING 4.0 offers native vector as a standard feature for all license types. Learn more about what's new in .netCHARTING 4.0 here.