New in version 10.6

Released 12/14/2023

.NET 8.0 Chart Support

.netCHARTING 10.6 adds both a .NET 8.0 chart nuget package and .NET 8.0 chart sample bundle (requires Visual Studio 2022) .NET 8.0 provides simplified development, better performance and enhanced productivity. We continue to add value and functionality to .netCHARTING maintaining the latest Visual Studio 2022, Windows Server 2022 and .NET 8.0 support.

New in version 10.5

Released 5/2/2023

.NET 7 Chart Support

.netCHARTING 10.5 supports the latest .NET release with both a .NET 7.0 chart nuget package and .NET 7.0 chart sample bundle. .NET 7 is the latest version of the .NET framework, bringing significant performance enhancements, improved developer productivity, and new features to empower developers in building modern and scalable applications.

Right-angle or straight organizational connector lines

We enhanced how organizational connector lines appear by drawing them at right angles by default. You can use the straight option to change this default and draw connector lines directly between points.

Synchronize organizational node widths and heights

We added Element.Annotation.SyncWidth and SyncHeight properties to help you control the sizing and visual balance of organizational chart nodes.

Point hierarchy connector styling and selection

There is now a way to select specific branches in an organizational or Gantt dependency chart using hierarchy path selectors. You can select all branches from a given point up the hierarchy, down the hierarchy, both up and down, or between two points.

New connector line radius option

We added a connector line radius property (DefaultElement.CornerRadius) to control the rounded corners of organizational connector and Gantt dependency lines.

Corner radius control for column and bar charts

The new DefaultElement.CornerRadius property can be used to control column and bar corner radius rounding.

Enable Axis.TickNumberMaximum to work with JavaScript charts

It is now simple to control the number of automatically generated axis ticks on a JavaScript chart using this new property.

Grid line alignment enhancements

We added Axis.CenterTickMarks support for JavaScript chart ranges axis enabling a grid line to center on a range tick.

Improved Shape Label Positioning

We completed a significant overhaul of the shape label positioning algorithm to handle many labels in different positions accurately.

Improvements to multiple gauge layout

We enhanced the way multiple gauges and radars are laid out on a chart to make better use of the available space.

Automatic string animations when charts update.

When chart label text changes, the text will animate between the old and new value for both numbers and words, to indicate a change is taking place.

New Series.DefaultLeafElement Property

To help you work more efficiently with hierarchical charts, you can apply element options to only leaf elements (elements without any elements below them in the hierarchy).

Automatic leaf element vertical layout

JavaScript organizational charts will now optimize organizational chart layouts by stacking leaf points vertically automatically.

Advanced relative annotation positioning

Control annotation positions with a simple string with combinations including top, center, bottom, inside, left and right. For example, "inside top left" would position in the top left corner, inside the chart area.

Advanced LegendBox position support for JavaScript charts

Legend boxes now support the same advanced positioning syntax as annotations. For example: "inside left top" places the legend inside the chart area in the top left corner stacked vertically (notice the use of left top vs. top left here).

Added Label.Placement for use with shape label positions.

Use this new property with shape labels to control whether to place labels inside or outside charts such as donuts and circular gauges.

Added SmartLabel.Placement

To provide better control over label placement, this new property specifies if labels display inside or outside element visuals.

Ability to disable automatic label wrapping in JS charts

You can now disable automatic label wrapping in all labels in JavaScript charts.

Added label MaxWidth property

Want to limit label width? Use the MaxWidth label option to reliably limit the width a label can be. Labels beyond the maximum width will wrap.

Automatic label ellipsis text overflow support

When using MaxWidth and AutoWrapping=false, labels will automatically use overflow ellipsis and limit their size without wrapping text.

Enable Chart.OverlapFooter to work with JS charts

Enabled for JavaScript charts, you can now design the chart while it shows branding and know that it will look and size the same once branding is removed.

New in version 10.4

Released 4/27/2022

.NET 6.0 Chart Support

.netCHARTING 10.4 adds both a .NET 6.0 chart nuget package and .NET 6.0 chart sample bundle (requires Visual Studio 2022), .NET 5 was the successor of .NET Core 3.1 and .NET Framework 4.8, aims to provide .NET developers with a new cross-platform development experience. .NET 6.0 expands on this with simplified development, better performance and enhanced productivity. We continue to add value and functionality to .netCHARTING maintaining the latest Visual Studio 2022, Windows Server 2022 and .NET 6.0 support.

New in version 10.3

Released 10/6/2021

Automatic Column Rounding

A major leap in aesthetics seamlessly maintained as your data changes, JavaScript charts will apply corner rounding to columns and bars at the appropriate edges automatically. No need to write code to avoid having notches between stacked items or any other problem scenarios. A visually pleasing corner radius is also automatically calculated to soften the column look regardless of size while being subtle enough not to interfere with reading specific chart values.

Legend Line Icons

Legend line icons are enhanced with the addition of dash styles and represent line series of varying widths and dash styles more accurately by scaling both attributes on the legend icon.

Point Radius

You can use the point.radius JS option property to disable corner rounding by setting a value of 0, or manually set a value to control the corner rounding to match the exact look you require.

24 New Examples

24 new examples have been added demonstrating a wide range of chart features and functionality that you can use as a starting point to chart you data.

New in version 10.2

Released 5/5/2021

.NET 5.0 Chart Support

We are proud to announce the first chart built with 100% managed code in .NET 5. .NET 5, the successor of .NET Core 3.1 and .NET Framework 4.8, aims to provide .NET developers with a new cross-platform development experience.We continue to add value and functionality to .netCHARTING maintaining the latest Visual Studio, Windows Server and .NET support.

Windows, macOS and Linux Cross Platform Support

Easily work with .netCHARTING across differnet platforms along with .NET 5 now supported in Windows, macOS and Linux. Built with .NET 5 cross platform and provided with extensive samples, this high performance charting control also contains a feature rich data access and aggregation system with calculation support.

ASP.NET MVC and Razor support

A dedicated MVC chart bundle is available to quickly get up and running. Integrate visualizations with projects using the technologies you require including MVC and Razor.

New in version 10.1

Released 12/23/2020

Venn and Euler Diagrams

A new Venn and Euler diagram chart type has been added to JS charts.

Automatic Venn Color Blending

Using the default ChartType.Venn option, venn diagram elements that are made up of two or more overlapping shapes will blend the underlying colors. Using the ChartType.VennColorByPoint option will assign a unique color to each element.

RTL Text support with JS Charts

The JavaScript output now offers full right-to-left language support. The chart will automatically apply this feature when a RTL language culture string is specified.

Improved First Chart Render Performance

The JavaScript library files needed on the server to render charts are now reduced making the initial JS chart load faster.

Element.SecondaryColor Support in JS Charts

Secondary color is now applied in JS charts for use with finance candlestick and bar series and circular bar (activity ring) charts.

Label.Outline Support in JS Charts

The native label outline capabilities of .netCHARTING are now supported in client side charts as well.

Three Highlighting Modes in JS Charts

Element and series highlighting is automatically enabled when hovering legend entries and element axis ticks. It is also available when hovering data elements, which is automatically enabled with the Venn chart type.

- HighlightElement - Mutes all data except the hovered element.

- HighlightSeries - Mutes all data except the element of the series being hovered.

- HighlightElementGroup - Mutes all data except the element group being hovered. An element group refers to elements across all series that share the same x value or name.

Specify Hover Actions

You can specify the hover action of data elements, legend entries, and element axis ticks.

Native Series FirstElement and LastElement properties for JS Charts

he native .netCHARTING series now support FirstElement and LastElement properties to specify the settings for the first and last elements. This is useful when applying settings to the chart default series, configuring those elements to show labels or assigning axis ticks to them.

Element.XAxisTick And YAxisTick Support in JS Charts

The x and y axis tick properties of element objects are now fully supported in JS Charts.

Native Axis.Crosshair Property and Support for JS Charts

The axis crosshair in JS charts can now be set through the .netCHARTING Axis.Crosshair property.

Improved JS Chart Tooltip Positioning

Tooltips are now smarter and more aware of elements around them in JS charts. This makes charts easier to read when hovering chart elements with the mouse cursor.

Improved JS Chart Interactions Performance

General chart wide performance improvements in JS Charts.

Native Element.FocusGlow Property for JS Charts

This property defines the outline of elements when they are hovered in JS charts. With combined tooltips, this outlines all elements mentioned in the tooltip.

New in version 10.0

Released 6/12/2020

Image and JavaScript charts have a new modern visual style, across all chart types, with no special settings required. Legacy chart visuals can also be maintained with a single LegacyMode property setting applied for a given chart or an entire application making it simple to roll out style enhancements exactly as you require.

Spline tension control

The spline tension option has been added to JavaScript charts.

Axis Tick Label Auto-Wrapping

JavaScript charts will automatically wrap Y axis tick labels when they are too long. They will also wrap on the X axis if possible before angling.

First and Last Point Settings

JavaScript chart setting Series.firstPoint and Series.lastPoint can be used to specify options only for those points.

Superimpose Visuals with <absolute>

JavaScript Microcharts can now be wrapped inside an <absolute> tag which allows overlapping several visuals such as sparklines. This provides a more in-depth expression of data inside charts such as calendars.

Improved Auto Tooltip Text

The JavaScript chart automatic tooltips have been improved to automatically provide more useful and relevant information depending on the chart type and data that is shown.

New in version 9.3

Released 7/1/2019

Gantt Dependencies

The advanced Gantt chart capability of .netCHARTING is now even more powerful. Project task dependencies for critical path analysis can now be visualized on Gantt charts. Starting tasks can be set to depend on the completion of another task or a number of other tasks as a group.

Axis Range Ticks

'Range ticks' may sounds contradictory at first, but are a powerful new addition for axis labeling. Axis ticks traditionally refer to a specific point on an axis scale; however, now have gained the ability to define a range.

AxisTick CalendarPattern Values

Combining CalendarPatterns with axis range ticks provides a new and compelling way to visualize time scales. Enabling range ticks to be automatically drawn for every month, quarter, year (or any other interval) is as simple as adding one line of code!

Category Scale Names == Ranges

A new concept for category scales. String category names no longer refer to a single point on an axis, but rather a range. AxisTicks and AxisMarkers now accept either category name values or two category names that refer to a range that encompasses both categories.

Logarithmic Scale Improvements

Logarithmic scales now support zero and negative values. In addition, exponent format string 't' support is now available to shorten the large numeric axis values that often appear in logarithmic scales.

Point Axis Ticks

This feature automates complex coding tasks through a very simple API. A xAxisTick or yAxisTick property can be set directly on any data point (or the default) configuration object which adds an axis tick bound to point itself.

Axis Number Shortening and Magnitude Formatting

Large numeric values, which take time to read accurately, waste a lot of screen real estate.. Now, the axis can automatically shorten these values so that 56,000 turns into 56 k, 1,000,000 becomes 1M and so on.

Datagrid Control

A powerful and tightly integrated data grid that binds to charts and also acts as a stand-alone grid connected directly to your data.

Microchart and Icon Syntax

The simple syntax that allows microcharts to be added to any label on a chart is also supported in datagrid cells. In addition, icon syntax provides access to the full library of icons for seamless usage in datagrid cells.

Token Formatting and Expressions

The same formatting and expressions syntax supported within chart labels can now be used to define data grid column values.

Chart to Datagrid

An existing chart can show an alternative data grid of the charted data by simply setting the datagrid_enabled config option to true. A chart can also populate any div on the page with its data using the chart.toGrid('divId') function.

Export to CSV

When the datagrid CSV export option is enabled, a convenient button is generated that will save the data as a CSV file on the client's computer.


When accessibility is a company-wide requirement, JSCharting offers an uncompromising solution. Whether your organization must comply with section 508 or WCAG 2.0, you now have access to all the options to enable and control your chart accessibility experience.

Line Caps

Line caps add deeper meaning and context to ordinary lines by communicating line direction, colors and symbols. Line Caps are automatically set to enhance visualizations such as Gantt dependencies and range ticks and can also be set for other lines on the chart (even on line series).

Superscript and Subscript

Superscript and subscript text is useful for many advanced labeling needs and avoids having math equations or numeric values written as 10^5. Both superscript and subscript html tags can now be used with any labels in JSCharting and will correctly render as SVG text.

Updated Microchart Styling and Options

Microcharts have been enhanced with a clean and modern look.. Additionally, a rotate option has been introduced which is useful for custom fit and rotation requirements as well as rendering microcharts stacked horizontally or vertically across axis ticks.

New in version 9.2

Released 12/14/2018

Microchart Visualizations

.netCHARTING js labels are incredibly powerful supporting features such as microcharts and the ability to utilize the full icons library.  The built in SVG icons library can also be used, enhancing visual clarity and creating more aesthetically pleasing experiences.

Mosaic Plot/Variwide/Mekko chart type

Variwide, marimekko, and mosaic are all names associated with this powerful new chart type added in version 9.2. The variwide chart type works with category x axis scales and column series. Combining this type with y axis full stacked mode results in a Marimekko diagram, also known as mosaic plot.

Interactive UiItem types

New slider, file and dropdown scroll support user interface controls have been added in .netCHARTING 9.2. Sliders can be used to enhance chart interactivity by adjusting data scope visualization in real-time and include both single and dual handle configuration options.


This set of features provides greatly enhances analytic chart interactivity. Combined tooltips can be enabled and customized with calculations and microcharts to display quantitative relationships of groups of points that share x values, while crosshairs provide additional contextual detail displayed directly on the axes themselves.

Axis scale break enhancements

Scale breaks can now be defined with calendar patterns. Some source data, such as finance stock prices, may exclude weekends when markets are closed. It is now easier than ever to simply exclude weekends from the timeline x axis using scale breaks with weekend calendar patterns. Additional scale break styling options were added in version 9.2, including break width which can be specified with a seamless mode that does not mark the scale breaks at all.

Data Point Options

Point focus glow styling options have been added which work in conjunction with combined tooltips to highlight relevant data points. In addition, a point '%icon' token can now be used in any point label or tooltip to aid in describing and identifying points. This is useful when multiple points are described in a combined tooltip.

New in version 9.1

Released 9/29/2018

Calendar Heatmap

A brand new chart type for 9.1, our intelligent calendar charts support automatic ranged views, tooltips and date grouping. Now you can add custom date specific data, merge multiple values or bind an event to a date range with ease.

Heatmap Calendar Highlights

Easily highlight dates or date ranged with custom visuals for showing calendar availability, blackout periods, special events and much more.

Calendar Views

18 calendar views that break down time spans from decades to minutes.

Label html tag improvements

New label html tag support including <hr> and <img> and List support <ul> <li>

Vector Icon support through the <icon> text tag

The icon tag can now be added to any text label with the full library of icons available including custom svg path support.

Box layout system

.netCHARTING version 9.1 introduces a major enhancement to the box layout and positioning system, unifying the legend, annotations, and uiItems into a single layout mechanism with positioning options that arrange the boxes either inside or outside chart area. 

Client side SmartLabels

Version 9.1 includes an intelligent point labeling system that is capable of handling label collisions and fit issues automatically without obscuring other points and labels.

CSV loading client side

The window.fetch() function can be referenced through JSC.fetch() and is also supported in IE11 through a polyfill. The JSC.parseCsv(text) function splits CSV text into rows and columns, detects and separates header rows, and parses values into string or numeric values automatically.

New in version 9.0

Released 4/25/2018

Circular Bar Gauges

A powerful chart type for project timeline and task management, the Gantt type is now fully implemented with a modern client side and resolution independent approach.

Circular Overflow Indication

Overflow indication uses a color hue shift that makes the number of times a circular bar overlaps easy to see at a glance.

Linear Gauges

Linear gauges are now supported in JS charts and are a welcome addition to many dashboards. Rounded caps or flat bars can be used to enhance styling flexibility.

Hatch Styling

Hatch patterns can now be applied to JS charts to further strengthen accessibility support (for example aiding color blind users).

Column Complete Visualization

The traditional complete value visualization through a hatch pattern is now available in JS vector charts. This feature is ideal for differentiating elements for black and white display or for those who are color blind.

Organizational Chart Type

Organizational charts are now available using native vector JavaScript chart output and also include interactive panning for larger organizational data sets.

Heatmap Chart Type

A new heatmap chart type is now available and is a perfect match with the enhanced SmartPalette support in .netCHARTING’s seamlessly integrated client side charts.

TreeMap Cushion Shading

A specialized smart shading effect has been added to the JavaScript charts that help visualize the hierarchy of nested TreeMap data.

Custom Legend Entries

The advanced .netCHARTING legend feature set is now supported in JavaScript chart output. Custom legend entries can be used to summarize data or populate a legend manually with custom information.

Legend Template

Legend templates allow you to define legend columns enabling an attractive data-grid inside the chart image. This feature has now been enabled in JS charts and is ideally suited to single file chart / grid export and printing.

Legend AxisMarker Entries

AxisMarkers now add an entry in the legend to clarify the marker meaning and exact value.

Markers for all Series Types

All chart types now support the addition of a marker visual to highlight a specific data point.

Icon Browser

The chart based icon browser provides a streamlined experience for searching and browsing the hundreds of icons available for use within .netCHARTING.

Icon Support in any Label

Icons can now be used in all text labels in the JS chart.

Multiple Shape Labels

Multiple labels can be added to gauge charts to decorate and provide additional contextual information. .netCHARTING will automatically position labels to avoid overlaps.

SmartPalette Legend Support

SmartPalettes are now fully supported in JS charts including legend entries for specific smartColor entries.

Axis Line Breaks

New support has been added for this visual enhancement for axis lines which breaks up the line at tick positions. This feature is now supported on linear and circular axes.

Box Corner Styling

Box corner styling is now fully supported in JS charts.

New in version 8.4

Released 6/17/2016

Gantt Chart Type

A powerful chart type for project timeline and task management, the Gantt type is now fully implemented with a modern client side and resolution independent approach.

Dynamic Token Tick & Axis Marker Values

Tick and axis markers can now be seamlessly updated without coding, based on tokens and calculations. This enables the addition of averages and other useful data derived values to display as a dynamic tick mark or axis marker with ease.

Custom Ticks

In addition to the advanced label and tick generation system already in place, .netCHARTING now offers the flexibility of custom ticks to communicate axis specific information more effectively.

Logarithmic Scale

New log scale support enables plotting exponential trends and statistical data.

Time Y Axis Scale support

A time scale is an advanced scale which enables automatically display of a large variety of time and data hierarchies with automatically selected formatting. This advanced axis scale is now supported for both X and Y axis facilitating seamless Gantt layouts over time.

Stacked Logarithmic Scale

Logarithmic scale support is now integrated for stacked charts, such as stacked bars and other related types.

New in version 8.3

Released 10/23/2015

Massive set of highly tuned maps doesn’t require any 3rd party map files or mapping experience

.netCHARTING now includes an extensive set of optimized vector based maps which can be displayed with a simple property setting. Maps are included for all countries, states and provinces in the world!

Map context shows surrounding maps automatically

When mapping a specific region, the surrounding geographic areas can be included to provide context and avoid the floating country effect. Best of all, subtle styling is automatically applied to such context areas, so they provide context without visual complexity.

Custom map files using geoJSON and topoJSON (optional)

While the comprenshive set of state, province and country maps will cover most client's complete mapping needs, for advanced users geoJSON and topoJSON files are supported so you can utilize your own files for custom mapping.

Add map layers in real-time for advanced dynamic maps

Since .netCHARTING includes a highly optimized map set the different maps seamlessly link together. This allows for unique dynamic mapping cases where higher detailed areas can be dynamically loaded on top of an existing map, loading and aligning perfectly without user intervention.

Plot lines, markers, and bubbles on maps.

.netCHARTING’s new vector map charts support various series including lines, markers and bubbles to meet your most in depth mapping requirements.

New in version 8.2

Released 4/14/2015

Dynamic Smart ScaleBreaks

ScaleBreaks enable showing large variations of data while still maintaining legibility for lesser values. .netCHARTING support multiple scale breaks dynamically with seamless transition animations when data points are added that necessitate a break.

Treemap Chart Type

To complement heapmap charts, a powerful new treemap chart has been added for proportionally visualizing hierarchical data.

Funnel, Pyramid and Cone Chart Types

New funnel, pyramid and cone charts are now supported across different render engines, including resolution independence and interactive tooltip support. Animation support enables seamless transition for both legend series or element enable / disable and initial renderings.

High Resolution Dashboards

Stunning HiDPI dashboards may be created in .netCHARTING 8.2 using SVG backgrounds combined with dynamic resolution independent charts. A number of unique examples are included showing this effect. If you have a specific dashboard need, please contact us.

New in version 8.1

Released 11/4/2014

Range Column and Areas

Now bar, column and area charts support points with start and end values in JSC. This enables a column or area that starts at a value greater than zero, for example, and allows for effective and attractive display of ranged data.

Error bars

Complete support for error bars and values has been added to JSC along with support to automatically populate element error properties from your own database. As part of a comprehensive system for representing errors in collected data, .netCHARTING leverages multiple sub values support in JSC with rendering as error bars, lines and markers.

Circular Gauge Type

A stunning new gauge / dial chart type has been brought to JSC. In addition to supporting a single chart, multiple gauges can be added for instant executive dashboard implementations. Many advanced features are supported with this new type including quarter, half or arbitrary sized gauges.

Pie Slice Length

Now individual pie slice lengths can be varied based on a separate data independent of the slice total enabling multidimensional data display.

Pie Starting Angle

Now it is simple to set the starting angle for any pie chart to a specific value required to match your aesthetic requirements.

Radar Charts

Radar and Multi-Radar have been added to JSC. Great attention was paid to maintaining visuals across these unique charting types including unique radar optimized shading types.

Label Expressions

Now you can perform common expressions directly within labels in JSC using values from template tokens. For example 100-%YValue to show a label calculated as 100 minus the total for that elements Y value.

New in version 8.0

Released 11/18/2013

New Javascript Chart Engine

Complementing the Silverlight Navigator first introduced in version 6.0, a powerful new JavaScript and HTML5 charting system has been added in .netCHARTING 8.0. This engine expands on the previous resolution and browser independent support while adding more chart types and customization options all without needing to write a single line of JavaScript code!

JavaScript Navigator

A complete multi-pane pan and zoom interface has been added to the latest version. The JavaScript Navigator supports advanced finance charts and real-time zooming with high performance on all devices.

Finance series types

New finance series types including candlestick and OHLC have been added in .netCHARTING version 8.0.

Multiple chart areas (Navigator)

Multiple chart areas are now supported with the JS Navigator. Stepping beyond simple volume and pricing, this support enables advanced calculations across many chart areas all synchronized with a common x axis.

JSC Label Token Support

Native label token support has been added to the JavaScript charting layer. With label tokens, you can customize the enhanced tooltip functionality quickly and easily to show data from elements and custom fields with no special coding or database handling requirements.

JSC Label callbacks

For even more advanced label customization and actions, label callback functions are now also supported in JavaScript charts.

Client side formatting and data calculations

Client-side .NET style string formatting support has been added which is a helpful feature for use in label callbacks or other client-side usage cases.

Custom Attributes

Custom attributes are a powerful system for linking your own data from a database to the .netCHARTING object model. Now custom attributes can also be used in the JSCharting component.

Smart Default Tooltips

Depending on the data and chart type, the interactive tooltip displays relevant and useful calculations automatically tuned based on the usage case. If the automatic values don't meet your specific needs, you can also customize with your own tooltip template configuration.

Major and minor tick support

Along with major axis ticks, minor axis ticks are now supported in JSC as well.

Access to full JSC json API

The Chart.JS.Settings property now enables you to specify any settings for client-side chart configuration directly by path.

New in version 7.0

Released 6/1/2011

JavaScript / HTML Chart Output

Complementing the Silverlight Navigator first introduced in version 6.0, a powerful new JavaScript and HTML charting functionality has been added in .netCHARTING 7.0. As always, the complete client side functionality is available through our server side model with no client side development experience required. Setting a single property will enable JavaScript Charting or Silverlight Charting.

.netCHARTING v7.0 New Visuals

Get a fresh new look for your old charts without a single line of code! Automatically improve the look and balance of your legacy charts simply by using the latest version of dotnetcharting.dll. If you are attached to your legacy look--you can easily maintain it with a simple web.config entry and enable the new look on a chart by chart basis instead.

iPhone, iOS, Andoid, WP7 & Tablet support

Our interactive JavaScript charts are just as beautiful and functional on an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Windows Phone, Mac, PC and more. .netCHARTING version 7 provides the widest support across devices, with a fast-to-load, plugin-free implementation--the goal with JavaScript Charting is to work seamlessly on any device, anywhere.

Touch-screen support

Working with a phone or tablet? Now you can interact with touch event support to get tooltip data, zoom or scroll through charts.

Browser Compatibility

Our JavaScript Charting is built with a focus on extensive browser support including Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer (even as far back as version 6) plus mobile and webkit browsers used on the majority of phones and tablets. Advanced interactive and client side charts are now available to the widest audience using .netCHARTING.

Dynamic Tooltips

Advanced tooltips with custom attributes and dynamic coloring provide quick and easy identification of elements with additional useful information such as element value and more through a token based system. Color highlights, seamlessly integrated into the tooltip box, help effortlessly clarify which element is being viewed when working with data dense charts.

Bar Shading Effects

Visual fidelity is maintained between server side and client side charts with client optimized bar shading including animation support.

Comparable Visual and User Experiences

Client side interactive charts typically sacrifice a lot, providing a substantially different visual and functional experience vs server side charts. With .netCHARTING 7.0 you get, for the first time, a level of polish and visual quality that is comparable to server side offerings across the same chart types, while still leveraging animation, touch and mobile specific features.


Clear and refined animation is built in to JS Charting including axis animations, bar and pie drawing, line growth, real-time drawing operations and more.

Real-Time updates

Chart values can be added in real-time and immediately display in the chart area, even dynamically scaling the axis as needed.

Client Side interactivity

A number of interactivity features are supported including advanced dynamic tooltips, touch interaction, zooming, series interaction and a powerful API for advanced customization.

Image, vector and PDF Export

Client side charts may be saved or exported in a number of formats including JPG or PNG images and native vector PDF files (compatible with Adobe and other PDF tools) in addition to SVG files.

Client side printing support

Full support for client side printing is seamlessly integrated. Click the optionally enabled and customizable print button and you get a true hard-copy representation of the chart being viewed.

Series Hiding

Dynamically hide series and rescale axis to the remaining values without that series enabled, using a simple click on the series entry in the legend. A second click enables the series again with an animated addition.

Element Highlighting

Highlight elements on mouse over for easy identification and visual connection to element specific tooltips.


Click and drag to zoom into regions of a given chart to view them in more detail. Return to the original zoom bounds with a single click or tap.

Client-Side JavaScript API

A application programmer's interface enables advanced developers to further customize and interact with the JavaScript charts, however all features are accessible through our easy to use server side model as well. No experience with JavaScript is required to fully leverage .netCHARTING V7.0's powerful JavaScript charts just as no experience is required to leverage the compelling .netCHARTING Navigator for Silverlight.

Multiple-Axes Support

As with .netCHARTING, multiple axis support is standard and seamlessly integrated.

New Default Palette

As part of the new look, a new default palette has been added to complement the new visuals.

New subtle Shading Effect

Subtle shading with a focus on color constancy and crisp visuals has been added and utilized in the new look in .netCHARTING V7.0.

Dynamic Default Shading

A dynamic visualization system has been added to implement shading throughout the chart to enhance the look and feel while maintaining balance between design elements in the chart.

Multi-Color Gradient stops

Gradients can now support multiple colors and stops to create advanced shading such as the chart area grid fills seen in the new look. This can also be used for any chart objects which support backgrounds such as the chart area.

Shadow Expansion Support

A new feature for shadow support enables shadows to size larger than the object that throws the shadow for a unique soft or hard edged border effect.

New in version 6.2

Released 2/9/2011

Surface Chart Type

A major new chart type has been added supporting both 2D and 3D surfaces in a new 3D perspective view chart area.

  Box Header Ribbon caps

A new visual style for end caps allows you to create highly tuned ribbon visuals to match the latest innovations in web design and seamlessly integrate with your site.

Surface Combination Types

The new surface type supports subtypes which can be combined including 2D and 3D combinations where the 2D view is rendered on the base of the 3D chart area and acts as a projection.

Mapping Range SmartColor Support

.netCHARTING maps can now utilize the new range smart color functionality enabling the displayed color value to be set from the specified value and a gradient of range smart Colors.

Box Header Orientation

Headers may now be placed on the top, sides or bottom of a box providing unprecedented visual flexibility for box design.

Web based Surface Designer

[ Demo ]
To help you explore the rich functionality of the new surface chart types, a web based designer has been added. This enables you to play with the various surface options, then copy and paste the generated code to use in your own project or web page.

X/Y Surface Types

In addition to the traditional surface mesh or solid fill, .netCHARTING supports X and Y surface charts which render only the X or Y component of the surface creating a unique and innovative visual effect.

Contour Charts

Also supported in combination with other surface types, the contour type can be added in 2D and 3D variations. The number, or density, of contours can be customized through the ContourCount property.

Floating and Anchored Surface Support

The traditional floating surface chart terminates at the Z value of the points on the edge of the surface. To enhance edge clarity for certain charts, the DropToFloor attribute can be utilized. This drops the surface edge to the minimum value in the surface chart rendering a clear vertical face on the edge.

  Surface 3D orthographic projection

You can control the tilt and rotation of the 3D view to display the surface chart in the most effective way possible to communicate your data.

Surface dynamic color support

The .netCHARTING surface system supports automated SmartPalette™ generation from color inputs.

Interpolated Surface Fill

Surface color fills may be mapped 1:1 to their underlying data or interpolation can be utilized to automatically smooth the surface colorings with a configurable setting.

Surface transparent value support

Partial or open surfaces are possible with transparent element support.

AJAX Zoomer Enhancements

We have continued to improve the AJAX zoomer system with enhanced performance and handling combined with the ability to coexist with the most popular AJAX libraries and usage cases.

Line Transparency support

Now you can customize the line transparency within charts. This is particularly useful in surface charts where lines can be removed, form the chart itself, display as solid colors or custom dynamic colors based on the surface values.

Surface 3D lighting

To enhance realism, surface lighting can be enabled to subtly shade the surface and give dimension to surfaces with a more monochromatic palette.

  Z Axis support

A new Z Axis has been added for surface charts and may be customized along with the X and Y axis.

Enhanced box header designer

The box header designer has been enhanced to support the new ribbon and orientation options.

 Range SmartColor Transparency

Smart colors now support transparent and partially transparent colors within their range.

Convert any series into surface data

New methods have been added to easily convert multiple category series or a DateTime series with date grouping options into surface data, which can then be directly consumed to render surface charts.

Surface Coloring

Surface series lines and fills can be controlled independently with dynamic, solid, and transparent color settings.

Version 6.1

Released 11/24/2010

TreeMap Chart support

[ Example ]
A powerful new charting type for treemap and heatmaps has been added.

Swatch Support

[ Example ]
To enhance and support the TreeMap type, a new swatch legend system has been added supporting ranged values and flexible visualization and layout support, in images and even within HTML.

Box Header Customization

An advanced new box header system has been added supporting 10,000+ unique combinations with the advanced alignment and endcap visuals, shadows, offsets and much more.

Navigator Enhancements

The .netCHARTING Navigator first introduced in 6.0 has continued to be enhanced including support for chart area hotspots and chart area position tokens.

Box Header Layout Options

[ Full Sample ]
Advanced alignment options provide complete flexibility in combination with endcaps to achieve the specific polished header implementation you envision.

Box Header Designer

[ Try It ]
To help familiarize yourself with the advanced box header support and rapidly prototype header visuals, a new web based box designer has been included in .netCHARTING 6.1. Now you can design boxes and copy / paste the required code to create that header design into your code in seconds.

TreeMap Shading Support

Advanced shading options are available for all treemap charts for enhanced visuals including both the standard shading types and background optimized shading. Shading adds visual polish while maintaining legibility.

Color Range Support

Smart Palette additions have been made for GetValueColor and GetScaleRange to support the advanced features and functionality of the TreeMap type and swatch legend display.

Box Header Cap Styles

More than ten unique end cap styles can be applied independently to the start and end of a header for unique visual customizations including pointers, tabs, ribbons and much more.

Navigator Marker Support

Complete axis marker support including axis marker labels are now available.

Navigator Drag and Throw

A unique UI innovation which mimics advanced touch interfaces, drag and throw utilizes acceleration to enable more intuitive and rapid nagivation when using the click and drag interface.

Navigator Interactivity

With the addition of element value at x position, the navigator can return interactive results of click tests within the chart area and display the results in your page.

Navigator Loading Enhancements

Four new animation styles are available for display while the navigator is loading.

Navigator String Customization

The loading strings for the navigator can now be customized to control the message text or modify the string values for internationalization support.

Navigator Preview image enhancements

You can now control if the preview image is displayed or not with a simple property setting. In addition, the preview image has been tuned to more closely match the interactive navigator after it loads.

Navigator Windowless Mode Support

Based on client feedback, you can now support windowless mode to better interact with your own client side elements on the page.

Winforms 6.1 Updated

Now updated for 6.1, the Winforms release is once again in feature sync with the WebForms release including the new treemap charting types, complete header and swatch support.

Version 6.0

Released 7/6/2010

Silverlight Navigator

[ Demo ]  [ Usage Video ]
A powerful new charting product has been seamlessly integrated into .netCHARTING. Now developers can provide advanced interactive Silverlight charts with a simple property setting and no Silverlight specific coding required. This high end visualization solution is included at no additional charge with every .netCHARTING license sold.

Highly optimized user interface

The .netCHARTING navigator has undergone substantial usability testing to help tune the minutia of design to ensure it is as powerful and intuitive as possible. In side by side testing with both Yahoo and Google Finance, the navigator proved to not only have stronger performance but also be much easier to use to accomplish common tasks. The end result was a 2-3x improvement in time to accomplish specific viewing and selection tasks while using the .netCHARTING Navigator!

Navigator Selection Aids

Advanced selection aids provide visual feedback to help clients locate and select data of interest while maintaining continuity in real-time. Values display at the pointer position, while selecting ranges, on hover and for the range displayed in the chart area.

Chart area
range tracking

Value at
mouse position

Real-time Navigator AutoTrack™ Support

The navigator supports chart linking to auto track data and trends based on mouse hover. As the user hovers over a preview chart, the navigator seamlessly moves to the applicable data in real-time within the dynamic chart.

Advanced Arbitrary Selection Support

Selections may be made directly on the chart and preview areas with advanced indicator support for start and stop positions of the selection range in real-time.

Chart area
arbitrary selection

Preview area
arbitrary selection

Mixed Selection

When both cell and arbitrary selection are enabled, they can be used at the same time. For example you can start by selecting a cell and end the selection at an arbitrary position and vice versa.

Cell Selection Support

In addition to arbitrary selection, selection can be made with cells, snapping to significant regions such as months, days or hours with a single click. This support also enables rapid drill-into support by clicking cells to progress to more detailed views of the data.

Preview area
cell selection

Chart area axis
cell selection

Click and Drag Support

Navigate the chart easily with multiple paths including click and drag (hand) support in addition to traditional scroll bar movements.

Advanced zooming options

Zoom into data using the scroll wheel, scroll bar handle resizing, scroll bar click-hold-resize, cell selection, arbitrary chart area selection and much more. Parallel paths enable users to use the most intuitive options for zooming that fits their expectations while other options remain in the background available, yet not complicating their experience or the user interface.

Preview area
handle zooming


Scrollbar handle

Scrollbar up down
drag zooming

Smart Handle Support

Scroll bar handles are intelligent and remember past positions. Double click actions on the handles (left or right) enable maximize and return to last position, while double clicking the scroll bar itself supports maximize and return to last size and position for both handles at once.

Innovative DeepZoom Support

Unlike most implementations which cease to allow selection as you zoom due to scroll bar selection, the .netCHARTING navigator automatically rescales the selection preview area as needed to maintain an usable scroll bar at all times. The system even automatically scales out of deep zoom operations as scroll bar size is increased or the selected area increased.

Navigation Bar

A powerful navigation bar gives a centralized location for many interactivity operations including history (undo/redo), date / range selection and quick zoom buttons. Developers can quickly and easily customize the navigation bar options as well as the interactivity features exposed to the end user which are independent of the navigation bar.

Advanced Date and Range selector

Usability testing revealed a major weakness of most interactive charting systems was the range selector. .netCHARTING solved this problem with a ground up re-write of the range selector which works for multiple types of data and is not limited to date selection. This interface has proven to allow faster range selection in side by side tests with traditional date inputs while also maintaining continuity with real-time updates as the range is being selected. Furthermore, the selection is not limited to dates which is very useful for alternate axis support.


A history system tracks user operations as they occur and supports undo and redo within the collected history by clicking on the arrow buttons in the navigation bar.

Quick Zoom Buttons

Developer customizable for arbitrary ranges and custom labels, quick zoom buttons enable a fixed zoom range to be displayed with one click. For example, the viewer may jump to a range for one month or one day.

Navigator Performance

The new Silverlight charting product automatically utilizes multi-core systems for enhanced performance, while it also has been tested and performs well on legacy systems. The .netCHARTING Silverlight Navigator is capable of processing, animating and scaling tens of thousands of elements in real-time.

Dynamic Help

The .netCHARTING Navigator dynamic help system automatically populates any HTML element with real-time context sensitive help when users hover over the dynamic chart. This system enables formatting and display options for help tips integrated at the page level.

Animation Support

Transitions are seamlessly animated to aid user experience continuity and provide natural transitions. Example animations include transitions (movements) between areas within a chart, zooming, deep zooming and rescaling.

Slideshow and Presentation Support

The advanced animation model supports unique slideshow and presentation functionality which enable you to navigate through data to points of interest and provide text notes and descriptions. Users could also do self guided presentations by clicking on points of interest from a list and having such points navigated to automatically.

Silverlight Interactivity with a single setting

Old and new .netCHARTING users can leverage the advanced interactivity with a single property setting. Turn on the navigator and .netCHARTING goes to work in the background seamlessly generating, loading, and displaying the Navigator based on the same server side properties used for a legacy static chart usage case.

Automatic Plug-in detection and down-level support

Seamlessly display a static chart image if the Silverlight Plug-in is not yet installed, display the static chart and prompt to install the plug-in or automatically prompt to install the plug-in. .netCHARTING is optimized to provide the best user experience regardless of their configuration.

JavaScript API

Advanced developers can control chart movements through an intuitive JavaScript API while no such experience is required to get the most from the .netCHARTING navigator, it is available for those that require it.

Control the
chart from JS

Get charts
value range


Legendbox Position Flexibility

A new automated legend box position is supported within the chart area.

Percentage Change Calculation Support

A new token is supported at the series level which provides the percentage change between the first and last element of the series visible on the chart area

Version 5.3

Released 4/15/2009

Rich ToolTip Support

Complex tooltips are now supported with inline formatted image text, MicroCharts, InfoGrids and even full chart previews ideal for drilldown cases.

Annotation Size Customization

It is now possible to set annotation size directly as well as dynamically size contents in width or height while the other dimension is automatically sized based on the contents.

Pie Annotation Orientation

The pie chart type presents a unique visual challenge for annotations. A specifically tuned orientation enables annotations to ring the outside of the pie, preventing the pie itself from being obstructed.

AJAX Zoomer Category Support

Now you can zoom, pan and scroll category axis charts (such as names or text) in addition to numeric or date axis. You can also specify the zoom starting position and control the axis ticks which determines scale. Large charts have never been simpler to display regardless of if they are employee results by name, product sales by product or any other possibilities.

MicroChart Data Feature Additions

Significant additions have been made to make creating and populating MicroCharts effortless. New functionality includes sub value date grouping, simplified subvalue creation and enhanced calculation methods for sub values.

Organizational Chart Zooming

Advanced pan and scroll support has been added for organizational charts. Now you can easily view an org chart of any size and click to expand or contract nodes within the org hierarchy. As always, organizational charts support simple binding to your database data and advanced annotation formatting and shading to ensure your charts look exceptional.

Organization Chart Drill Down

A .netCHARTING first, org charts now support drill down in addition to expansion. This gives a unique view of charts contained to a single viewing pane with the ability to drill down into or back out of the hiearchy while maintaining a fixed view without scrolling. Level support further complements this feature by allowing more data to be displayed in one frame at a given time.

Organizational Chart Indicators

Unique visualizations are provided for nodes to indicate if they support expansion or contraction. In addition, you can easily customize the display with your own images for actions such as node addition, removal, or expansion / contraction operations.

Dynamic Organization Chart Creation

With .netCHARTING it is simple to create a web based form for dynamic org chart creation. Simply click on a org level to add a node below it or remove a given node all from a easy to use web interface. A sample for dynamic org chart creation is included with .netCHARTING.

Organization Chart Expansion

Expansion allows an organizational chart to grow as nodes are expanded. Here too, there is flexibility for display when using AJAX pan and scroll; the chart can maintain its size or, within a fixed window, elements can be sized smaller on expansion to fit within the specified window. .netCHARTING now provides one of the most advanced organization charting feature sets of any product. As always, these advanced add-ons are included with every .netCHARTING license with no additional cost.

Object Chart Creation

Now you can easily create small chart images from labels and annotations. These charts are particularly well suited for usage in previews, tooltips and dashboard implementations.

Background Shading

The chart background box now supports shading in addition to the chart area box. Two new shading effects specifically designed for use in backgrounds have been added in this release.

Mapping Interactivity Enhancements

.netCHARTING includes advanced mapping functionality with every license purchase; no add-on required! The latest version now supports rich tooltips on maps which can include images and text data along with hotspot interactivity.

Map Shape Annotations

All map shapes now support annotations. Now it is simple to click and view detailed information for a given map location within an annotation. You can also tune the visuals of the generated annotations to specifically match your applications requirements.

MicroChart Feature Additions

A new Image MicroChart including Image sizing and rotation allows for innovative use of MicroCharts as labels for chart elements. The possibilities are endless and options can be controlled programmatically based on your own database data.

New MicroChart Scale Option

A new bottom scale gives additional scale layout functionality for MicroCharts.

MicroChart Interactivity

Interactivity support has been added with the new tooltip and url support for MicroCharts. Using Image MicroChart with URL setting allows for creating clickable icons.

Sample Search

The sample browser now offers a search option. An API member or keyword can be used to instantly find all related samples and improve productivity.

New Token Support

The powerful .netCHARTING token system has continued to be expanded with token support for ID and ParentID for organizational charts along with new calculation based additions for PercentOfSeriesMax, PercentOfMax and PercentOfGroupMax. Now you can inline these values simply be using the template token and the chart will render with the calculated value specific to the object used.

New Visibility Options

Simply control the visibility of a given subvalue or line with the new Visible properties added for these objects.

Version 5.2

Released 12/15/2008

MicroChart chart type added

A major new chart type has been added which enables small charts, ideal for display in grids and other tabular visualizations. MicroCharts are also well suited for business dashboard implementations.

MicroChart Types

Many different visualizations are possible with MicroCharts including bars, gauges, progress bars, bullets, sparklines, area lines, scales, pies and markers.

MicroChart Label Usage

In addition to stand alone usage, MicroCharts can be used inline within any chart label. This allows unique usage such as labeling a pie slice with a MicroChart of the values that make up that slice or labeling bars with their subvalues.

InfoGrid™ Support

A unique, new, image based grid is now available with .netCHARTING. InfoGrids combine tabular data, line separators, symbols and images using a simple, yet dynamic markup language.

MicroCharts in InfoGrids™

InfoGrids(TM) can also serve as containers for microcharts, providing a powerful mini dashboard implementation that can be easily viewed as a single image or used as part of a larger dashboard implementation.

MicroChart DataGrid Usage

In addition to usage within InfoGrids(tm), MicroCharts can also be used within traditional datagrid or gridview controls.

InfoGrid™ Label Usage

Stand alone or in a label, InfoGrids provide exceptional flexibility and seamless integration with any data visualization.

2D Line & Spline series line caps

Now series lines and splines can be terminated with an endcap such as an arrow to show continuing trend or add visual polish.

New Element Markers

The set of predefined element markers has been expanded with an up arrow, down arrow and inverted triangle.

Pie Start angle

Now it is simple to set the starting angle for any pie chart to a specific value required to match your aesthetic requirements.

Gantt Dependencies

Link tasks with ease using the new Gantt dependency functionality. Dependency lines are automatically routed to provide the best visual balance and avoid overlaps.

Horizontal Rule Markup tag

The new horizontal rule enables you to visually separate data in labels and InfoGrids™.

Dashboard Samples

In addition to the many new feature samples, version 5.2 adds a number of specific dashboard samples which illustrate how multiple charts can be seamlessly integrated into a sophisticated digital dashboard.

Automated Drilldown Weeks to Days

Now you can enable automated drill downs from weeks to days in addition to months to days with a single property setting.

DataEngine SQL Parameter support

New support has been included so that you can add SQL statement parameters using the DataEngine's AddParmater method, the same as you would for a stored procedure.

AJAX Zoomer HotSpot Support:

Hotspots are now supported within the AJAX zoom and scroll interface to launch specific URLs on elements. In addition, the complete .netCHARTING token system can be used to pass in values to your target page specific to the element being selected.

Version 5.1

Released 9/9/08

Organizational Chart Type

A powerful new type has been added for visualizing organizations and other hierarchical data.

Organizational Vertical Layouts

Vertical linking provides enhanced layout and space savings for organizational charts.

Organizational Shading

The complete set of .netCHARTING shading types are supported within organizational charts including box and header shading support.

Advanced Label Formatting

To complement the new organizational chart type, the label system has been significantly enhanced and now provides layout functionality with embedded image support and independent sub-string formatting within a given label. In addition, this new functionality may be leveraged in all chart types, not just organizational charts.

Block Formatting and features

Now it is simple to define a block within a label and control the font type and style. Visual effects common to labels including outlines, digital readout and more are also supported using simple attributes.

Block Alignment

Alignment control enables quick and easy alignment of labels and values for example, using a common center line by right justifying labels and left justifying values.

Block URL and Tooltip Support

The addition of URL and tooltip supports enables inline links within label text. Both URL and tooltips support multiple definitions per label and support the dynamic token system for data population.

Label Image Streaming Support

In addition to path based image sources, .netCHARTING will also automatically obtain images from remote stream sources such as aspx pages. This enables simple consumption of other dynamic charts or images within a given chart.

AJAX Zooming for Mapping:

The AJAX zoom and scrolling functionality added in 5.0 is now supported in mapping. In addition to client side scroll bars, users can navigate maps with the familiar click-drag interface.

Mapping line support

You can now add lines connecting points based on latitude and longitude. Maps utilizing a projection will automatically curve lines appropriately.

Mapping Shape Coordinates

The new GetShapeBounds method returns a bounding box using real-world coordinates (latitude and longitude) for a given shape or part of a map. For example, the coordinate bounding box of a state or county.

Background Transparency

Transparency can now be controlled for any background. Combined with PNG output, transparency can be seamlessly integrated with web page elements in the background.

New Visible Settings

Now it is easy to disable backgrounds and shadows as required using the new Background.Visible and Shadow.Visible properties.

Datagrid custom attribute support

Custom attributes are a powerful system for linking your own data from a database to the .netCHARTING object model. It is then simple to access these values using tokens. Now custom attributes can also be used in the automatically created datagrid with both single and multiple series sources.

GridView support

In addition to custom attribute support, the automatically data population is now supported with the newer GridView control in addition to the DataGrid control.

Access DB Support

Now the newer .accdb files are now automatically detected and supported as with the older .mdb files.

New automated msi based installer

The new installer configures samples / permissions automatically to get you up and running immediately without manual configuration required. In addition, an unpack only option is provided for remote or manual deployments, if preferred.

Version 5.0

Released 5/19/2008

Ajax Scrolling implementation

.netCHARTING 5.0 adds an advanced AJAX scrolling implementation. Within an user defined viewport, users may use scroll bars or scroll arrows to navigate a larger chart view. Chart rendering occurs only as needed for the currently viewed portion of the chart. In addition to using scroll bars, users can use the familiar click / drag interface, common to mapping applications, to navigate. .netCHARTING Ajax automatically synchronizes the scroll bar positioning when utilizing click drag or scroll bars can be disabled if not required.

Ajax Zooming implementation

In addition to scrolling and click drag navigation, advanced zooming functionality is supported. Users may select from box or cross hair selections for zooming, zoom on x and y concurrently, y only or x only and navigate the zoomed view through scroll bars, click drag or both.

Ajax context menu

A right click context menu exposes powerful interactive options for zooming and scrolling including zooming specific axis, enabling zoom or drag, zooming in or out and showing the original zoom constraints.


Ajax scrolling viewport positioning

The new scrolling functionality enables you to define data ranges for the viewport (e.g. 10 elements, a specific date range or numeric value range). In addition, you can define the scroll starting position or range. Using these features together, you can display a large data set with a starting position at the specific information clients are most interested in while providing them easy access to surrounding values through simple scrolling or familiar click drag interfaces.

Ajax ToolTip display:

When in a scrolled or zoomed view, tooltip functionality is still available utilizing a transparent callback to obtain the regular element tooltip value and display this clientside on hover for the current cursor position within the chart.


Ajax Auto updating implementation

For scrolling, zooming or both, the underlying chart may now be automatically updated on a fixed interval. This update occurs in the background and the rendered sections in view are automatically updated without a page reload.

New shading effects

Continuing our innovative shading effects, .netCHARTING 5.0 provides brushed metal and chrome visualizations for a variety of chart types. Shading effects provide the visual impact of 3D charts with the legibility of 2D charts.


Pie Shading Effect additions

A new glow effect has been added for 2D pie charts. In addition, the new brushed metal and chrome effects are also supported on 2D pies charts.


Bubble Shading effect additions

In addition to the new brushed and chrome shading effects, a new bubble specific visualization option has been added. All three are now supported for both regular and stacked bubbles.


Background Shading additions

The powerful background object in .netCHARTING enables easy customization of annotations, boxes, title boxes and more. The new metal shading effects are now supported for backgrounds.


Thermometer shading additions

Brushed and metal shading are now supported in thermometer gauge charts.


Shaped Bubble shading support

Bubble shapes enable pictorial representations and can scale in size when used in bubble charts. Shading effects for brushed metal and chrome are now supported for bubble shapes.


Interpolated value calculations

Now it is simple to obtain the interpolated value for a given x or y value with a single method call. This enables you to obtain the value between elements for example if you had data points of sales for the first of every month you can now plot or obtain the value for any day between those dates.


Axis Range adjustments on a per series basis

Now a simple setting enables you to exclude a given series from .netCHARTING's intelligent axis range calculation.


Selective default element settings

This new feature enables you to apply element defaults conditionally based on specific criteria. In such a case, only the elements matching the criteria you specify will take on the defaults defined. These smart defaults may be applied at the series or series collection levels to apply to any elements they contain.


Inverse Series Trim

Developers have come to depend on series trim as a quick and efficient way to cull data points from a given series. Now a new setting enables the inverse of series trim. For example, if you trimmed weekends for a specific chart and now wanted a similar chart including only weekends, you could accomplish this with a single line of code.

Legend box absolute positioning and sizing

The already flexible legend box has been further enhanced with the ability to utilize any size and position you wish. You may also set only the position and have the size automatically determined based on the legend box contents.


Pie chart absolute positioning and sizing

Now individual pies can be sized and positioned as you wish within the chart. In addition to layout flexibility, this allows for unique pie within slice charts and other custom compositions.


Radar chart absolute positioning and sizing

Individual radar charts can now be sized and positioned within the chart. In addition to layout flexibility this allows for unique combinations of large and small radar charts within the same chart.

Label Image Support

Any chart label can now accept an arbitrary image in place of the label text. This feature opens a new world of labeling and visualization possibilities for your charts.


Smart label absolute positioning

Now you can override the automated label positioning and specify an absolute position if required for your chart design.


Smart Label padding

Labels may now be configured with padding settings which influence the automated layout algorithms ensuring that padded areas do not overlap.


Smart Label Distance

A new maximum distance threshold for smart labels enables .netCHARTING to only render a smartlabel if it can cleanly fit cleanly within the distance threshold defined.


Mapping Label Once Option

For maps it is common to have many small land masses (islands or separated areas) that may contain the same label (e.g. country name). This option ensure that a given entity is only labeled once.

Ranged tick enhancements

When rendering in a compressed area, the new ranged tick implementation self tunes to avoid an overlap or non visually pleasing result.

Pie Labeling Enhancements

In cases where a large number of slices are concentrated in one small section of the pie the labeling system has been enhanced to ensure each can be cleanly labeled.


Multiple Palette support

With the addition of 5 color palettes in 4.4 we have seen requests for multiple palette support. This new feature enables you to add any number of palettes to a chart which will be allocated in order as required.


Axis Tickline linecaps

Line caps are now supported on tick lines and enable enhanced visibility and improved aesthetics for specific chart applications.


Category Axis Ranged Tick support

Now ranged ticks can be easily defined on category axis, for example to select all employees from Bill to Jane. Tick index numbers may also be used to define ranged ticks.


Smart Chart Optimization

A dedicated small chart mode enables very small charts ideally suited for absolute positioning and combination charts. Small charts are also useful for including in labels as part of the new image label support.


Optimized Branding Implementation

.netCHARTING is unique in that it offers free development and test licenses for webforms ( usage. The "not for production use branding" for this free license has been enhanced to ensure very small charts remain legible during development and testing.

Enhanced Documentation

In addition to detailing the extensive new features in .netCHARTING 5.0, the new documentation now includes an improved programmers' reference which links to real world sample code.

Enhanced Performance for very large data sets

.netCHARTING is ideal for charts with large amounts of data and chart elements. The large data set handling has been further enhanced to increase performance and lower memory requirements.

Version 4.4

Released 9/17/2007

Digital Readout GaugeType

A new gauge type, the digital readout or LCD display, is now supported. This can be used as a stand alone type, in combination with other gauges or even as a label style.

Segmented Bars Type

A new bar type visualization has been added which renders bars as individual segments.

SunBubble Bubble Shading Type

A new bubble shading effect visualization has been added.

Variable Transparency PNG backgrounds.

An often requested feature, you can now set variable transparency on different charting visuals and have them apply to each other and also to the page background. For example, set the transparency of the chart background and the chart area will appear to cast its shadow directly on your web page's background.

Box Headers

All boxes now support headers which can also be customized with shading effects.

Specify Gauge Sizes

Gauges can now be arbitrarily sized independent of chart size.

Specify Gauge Rectangles (Absolute positioning)

Gauges can now be placed anywhere on a single chart area and combined into digital dashboards with many other series of different gauge types.


Label Drop Shadows

Drop shadows can now be added to all text labels and controlled for distance and diffusion.

Label Glow effect

All labels now support an optional glow effect which extends a secondary color glowing outside the original text.

Background ShadingEffectModes

Shading effects can now be applied to backgrounds to add stunning effects anywhere the background object is supported.

Digital Readout Style Labels

In addition to usage as a new charting type, you can now utilize digital readouts for regular chart labels.

Corner Support for CA

Previously supported for boxes, you can now customize the corners for chart areas. Corner options include square, cut and rounded.

Specify box & CA Corner sizes.

A new option has been added to precisely control corner size in pixels.

Element Outline control

Now you can highlight the border of elements (including 3D border outlines) with a simple property setting.


Element group sorting enables sort to consider elements that contain values from multiple series (as in the case of stacked elements). Now the total stacked value can easily be used to sort elements even if those elements contain values from other series.

Gradient SmartColors (1-20,Green-Red)

A new SmartColor addition enables seamless transitions between colors across value ranges.

Smart Minor Ticks for log scales

Intelligent addition of significant minor ticks is now supported on log scales.

ImageBars(tm) OneToOne

ImageBars now stack or expand in size to meet the required total. OneToOne support enables repeating precisely sized image bars to match to the actual chart value so in addition to using the axis you can easily determine the value by counting the number of objects drawn.

Donut Chart Support in the Multiple Chart Type

The multiple chart type provides the ability to combine types on a single chart area quickly and easily with automated layout. Donut charts are now supported in combination with other types.

5 Color Palettes

In addition to the current library of 50 color palettes, we have added 46 new 5 color palettes. These new palettes are ideally suited for charts with five or fewer series.

WinForms Mentor

The charting mentor provides useful tips during development runtime to help tune the chart and adjust settings. Previously only available in the WebForms version, support has now been added to the WinForms version.

Version 4.3

Released 5/10/2007

Linear Vertical Gauge Chart Type Added

Many new chart types have been added for version 4.3 including linear vertical gauge. From progress bars to dashboard applications, this chart type provides a high degree of customization. It also supports .netCHARTING's innovative shading effect modes to provide the polish and visual punch of a 3D chart while maintaining the legibility of a 2D chart.

Linear Horizontal Gauge Chart Type Added

In addition to vertical orientation, horizontal linear gauge is supported. Both options include axis marker support which can be used to optionally indicate value ranges.


Bars Gauge Type Added

A new bars gauge type provides quick summary and comparison of data particularly useful for polls, statistics and digital dashboard implementations.


Indicator Light Gauge Chart Type Added

The indicator light or bulb chart type allows for at a glance status charts. Lights may be shown in combination or with a single light that changes color based on the value.


Vertical and Horizontal Thermometer with shading effects

The thermometer chart type is a visual variant of the linear gauge which supports all shading effect modes in both vertical and horizontal orientations. Thermometers also include full support for the axis marker system, custom axis ticks and the ranged tick system providing even more options for data display.


Custom Image Gauge Needles

Gauge charts can now use custom images for needles. Unique to .netCHARTING is its ability to automatically color custom needles seamlessly to match the element colors used in the chart.


Radial Gauge Labels

A new gauge label mode has been added providing radial labeling for gauges.


New Chart Types: Nested Pie 2D & 3D

Nested pies (also known as stacked pies) provide a unique visualization tool for comparing related sets of data. This new type is supported in both 2D and 3D views.


Individual Pie Slice Lengths

Now individual pie slice lengths can be varied based on a separate data independent of the slice total enabling multidimensional data display.


Individual Pie Slice Heights

In addition to lengths, pie heights can also be varied opening up possibilities to show 3 data values per slice.


Nested Pie Scales

Advanced scaling options allow nested pies to render stacked or overlapping.

Pie BubbleSize based nested sizing

Nested pies can be sized based on bubble size so each pie is proportionally sized based on the series level bubble setting. This setting can be specified on a per series basis or automatically calculated based on the series total.


Nested pies Spacing Setting

Spacing for nested pies can be adjusted in both 2d and 3d views.

Image Marker DynamicColor

Advanced color replacement technology has been added to support image marker customization. Now you can provide image markers and have them dynamically colored based on the chart element color. The system supports gradients and color transitions seamlessly so you are not limited to solid color replacements.

Gauge Chart Box Settings

The power of the .netCHARTING box has been brought to the gauge chart to customize the visual container which includes the gauge.


Multi color legend box bubble, markers, and shaded bars Icons

Legend entry support has been updated to support multi color bubble, markers, and shaded bar icons.

New ImageBars(tm)

Furthering the expansive set of included image bars, version 4.3 adds bamboo, film, tomato, barrel, oil drum, gas nozzle, bricks, apple, present, paint buckets, pan, paint tube, box open and closed, glass, banana, rope, fireworks, garbage can (empty and full), up and down arrows, candy cane, paper clip, toothpaste, cup, two car perspectives and tape measure. This is the most significant template addition since .netCHARTING pioneered ImageBars(tm) nearly a year ago with the release of .netCHARTING 4.0.

New Samples, Documentation and Mentor Improvements

A huge number of new feature and gallery samples have been added as well as new documentation and tutorials. Unique to .netCHARTING 4.3 is a highly tuned set of advanced gauge samples to enable rapid development and deployment of high end gauge and dashboard solutions. The .netCHARTING mentor has also been enhanced to better offer useful tips and information for working with .netCHARTING.

New in version 4.2

Released 2/12/07

Stacked Bubble Type

A new charting type has been added which enables direct comparison of bubbles sized by value. Multiple shading options allow for different visualization options for this new charting type and bubbles can be shaded individually or as a whole.

Stacked Bubble Alignments

The new stacked bubble type supports stacking bubbles with center or bottom alignment.


New 3D shading support for bars, columns and Gantt charts

Shading mode 5 provides stunning visuals optimized for partial transparency with integrated highlight effects and a high degree of color constancy.


New 2D shading support for bars, columns and Gantt

Shading 5 also supports a tuned variant for 2D charts.


New ImageBars(tm)

Furthering the expansive set of included image bars, version 4.2 adds precious metals including silver, gold, platinum, and gold bars along with stacked bills (currency), batteries, binders, cake, chain, paper stacks in 3 variants (chart, plain and text), a coiled telephone wire and rope.

Bubble Shape Support

Bubble charts now support a full set of 42 predefined shapes which like regular bubbles scale in size proportional to their value.

Funnel Spacing Percentage

This new setting enables you to add white space between sections of funnel, pyramid, and cone charts in both 2D and 3D views.

Bubble Shape Shading

The new bubble shapes support both 2d and advanced 3d extruded modes with a flat or eye-catching shaded appearance.


Multiple Chart Type

The multiple chart type has been expanded to include support for pie, gauge and stacked bubble charts. Now cone, gauge, pyramid, pie, stacked bubble, and funnel charts can be mixed and matched and automatically sized appropriately on a single chart area.

Range Rows Limit

The advanced automated label system supports adding rows for x axis ranged labels should they be required to accurately show the values. This new property enables you to limit the maximum number of rows the system will utilize.


Analysis Engine

In addition to the large number of statistical and financial calculations added in previous versions, this new release adds the following special functions:
Bessel I
Bessel J
Bessel K
Gamma P
Gamma Q

Smart Element Grouping Control

A new Boolean option has been added to control the smart element grouping behavior.

Smart Scale Break Limit

Building on the extensive scale break support, smart scale breaks now automatically select the number of significant breaks on the chart based on data ranges. In addition, you can now limit the maximum number of scale breaks that will be automatically added by this system.

Element coordinates post render

Now you can obtain element coordinates after the chart has rendered enabling you to perform advanced drawing operations making use of this information.


TrendLineLinearScatter Calculation Enhanced

This calculation now automatically supports dates for x values.



Session Streaming Support

Adding to the streaming and file based options for image display a new session streaming option is now included. Session streaming enables those users lacking write permissions within their deployment environment to automatically create a chart file in memory and still take advantage of the built in image map and drill down functionality of .netCHARTING.

DataEngine Datagrid support

Now you can use the built in datagrid population feature of .netCHARTING with your own datagrid object when working directly with the data engine.

New in version 4.1

Major new chart types including Funnels, Pyramids and Cones.

Powerful new pyramid, funnel and cone charts are now supported as single charts or groups of charts within a given chart area. Funnels, pyramids and cones are all supported in 2D and 3D views with advanced shading for increased visual impact.

Smarter Labels

Our innovative Smart Labels just got smarter. .netCHARTING pioneered the introduction of smart labels in 2003 and 4.1 provides significant enhancements for accuracy and performance in complex labeling cases. As always, smart labels along with the full set of enterprise level features, are included with all versions of .netCHARTING.

Smart Annotation Orientation

Complementary to the smarter smart labels, a new smart annotation orientation feature has been added which orients element annotations to minimize overlaps and collisions with important information on the chart.


Auto Label Wrapping

Now labels can intelligently wrap themselves for optimal display and positioning within a chart.



Smart Pie Label Wrapping

Pie labels have specific tuning to automatically handle wrapping to maximize the size of the actual pie chart within a chart area while still maintaining clear, legible labels.


Data Manipulation Enhancements

New options have been introduced which allow you to easily split or group data using an arbitrary TimeIntervalAdvanced object.


New Combination Pyramid and Cone Charts

New pyramid and cone types are now supported in combo charts. Combo charts are uniquely powerful in .netCHARTING due to the number of different charts they can support and enable the combination of many independent chart types in a single chart area. The pyramid type appears as a pyramid shape and behaves similar to the column / bar types.

New ImageBars(tm)

Expanding the introductory set of image bars included with .netCHARTING 4.0, version 4.1 adds sports balls including soccer, golf, football, rugby, volleyball, bowling, basketball, baseball, tennis, hockey puck, in addition a 3d dollar sign, pills, tablets, coaxial cable, phone cable, ethernet cable, wheat stalk, pipe, glass figures in blue and pink and a DNA helix.

Get Map GPS coordinates from click

Now you can return latitude and longitude coordinates from a clicked position on a map with no special coding required.


Plot GPS coordinate points on map

Plot any arbitrary latitude and longitude positions on a map. Combining with "position from click" and new map marker support you can now easily build interactive mapping applications.

Get Shapes from a pointer position

Easily retrieve a maps shapes for a give pointer position (e.g. a state along with the information for that shape) by clicking on a map position or pass a position programmatically to obtain the shapes and associated metadata for that pixel position.


Smart Forecast

Automated linear forecasts are now supported with the addition of a single line of code. As real-time values fill in forecast values you can still see an indicator of the forecast value both when the actual values fail to meet the forecast value and when they exceed them.

Smart Element Name Grouping

Common element names can be intelligently sorted based on their relative order in different series. This is not a sort based on element naming but rather a pattern matching system which ensures relative element ordering fits with the series element orders. For example if you had 3 series each with the following 3 elements s1:8,4,3 s2:4,3,1 s3:9,7,8 it could group them as 978431.

Smarter Scale Breaks

In 2005 .netCHARTING was first to innovate automatic scale breaks. With version 4.1 the built in intelligence for determining automatic break points has been enhanced and the support for multiple scale breaks improved as well.

LegendBox Column Alignments

Building on .netCHARTING's advanced legend box formatting options, you can now control column alignment on a per column basis to establish the ideal visual balance for your legend appearance.

Legend symbols enhanced

Line and spine with markers in the legend now color the connecting line to match marker color.


Extremely powerful and flexible XML support

Building on the previous XML support you can now obtain data directly from any arbitrarily formatted XML document without special programming knowledge required. Developers who are familiar with XML can leverage xpath to reference specific nodes to obtain data from and easily display that data using datafields and custom attributes. XML may also now be loaded directly from a file or provided as a string value without any addition coding required.

New MS Oracle Client support

Adding to the native Oracle client support already present the MS oracle client is now also supported so you can select either client to work with Oracle using the built in database handling in .netCHARTING.


Accessing Data before Chart Generation

The data pipeline has been enhanced to allow access to chart data earlier in the processing pipeline for specific usage cases enabling data manipulation before chart rendering without the use of an event or separate DataEngine object.

Easier DataSource Access

A new method has been added for data objects which enables one to get a DataSource which can be used to evaluate tokens and populate legend boxes. A datasource may also be obtained from a hittest in .netCHARTING Winforms Edition. A datasource is a special container for storing related chart data for use by the token system or consuming data within the chart such as a legend box or annotation.

Programmatic Token Replacement

Now you can replace token values in an arbitrary string using a datasource as the source for token replacement data.

Token system enhancements

New element and series tokens have been added for SeriesElementCount and ElementCount.

Round() expression

A new expression has been added so that you can round values shown in labels using the .netCHARTING token system.

Expression escape character

Now expressions can contain any text, including special control characters which were previously not available.

Compressed Vector Format support

Both PDF and SVG now support file compression to minimize download times. With PDF the compression is automated and with SVG you have the option to use the uncompressed SVG or compressed SVGZ format. Since compression is lossless in both cases, you end up with the exact same vector result with a smaller file size.

XAML official support

With the final release of .NET 3.0 official XAML support has been added to .netCHARTING 4.1.  If you have the .NET 3.0 framework distribution and IE installed you can load XAML directly in the browser for viewing.  XAML support will continue to be enhanced in future versions of .netCHARTING as more developers embrace this new format.


New in version 4.0

Released 6/29/06

New Column (vertical bar) shading

A stunning new vertical bar specific shading effect has been added. .netCHARTING continues to push visual boundaries to ensure your applications surpass even the next generation visual standards, soon to be available with new releases including Microsoft's Vista and Apple's Mac OS X 10.5 operating systems.

New Horizontal Bar shading

A new horizontal bar shading effect has also been added.



New bubble shading

A major new bubble shading effect has been added with a unique look and feel only .netCHARTING can provide.


New shading type support on 3D Bars

In addition to the new shading support for vertical and horizontal bars, both new and previously supported shading types are now available on the surface of 3D bars.


X and Y Axis Zooming

A compelling new axis zoom feature has been added which allows you to define an axis range which will be used for the source of a zoomed view in a second chart area. This innovative new feature can also be combined with interactive image map features of .netCHARTING for drill down zoom functionality.

Native PDF Support

An industry first, .netCHARTING supports true native PDF vector based support. While lesser vendors claim PDF support by placing a bitmap (picture) image of a chart inside a PDF container, .netCHARTING includes the actual vector data. Zoom to 6500% and see crystal clear results or print for razor sharp charts and text at any size. The included charting control automatically displays the PDF inline within the web page using the Adobe PDF viewer with the window sized as chart size. As always, all features of .netCHARTING 4.0, including high end native PDF support, are available for all 4.0 license holders. This functionality is accessible with the $395 web site license.

Native Flash (SWF) Support

In addition to native PDF native Flash (SWF) has been added. The integrated charting control automatically renders the container so browsers display the chart inline as a native vector image. It has never been easier to right click, zoom, click and drag charts to view the smallest detail. Vector support with small file size: flash is a powerful Enterprise level addition to .netCHARTING 4.0.

Native SVG Support

The new vector support is extremely comprehensive and includes SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) as well. The control automatically renders with the html required to view the chart using Adobes SVG viewer and it will also prompt to download and install the plug-in if required.

Native XAML support (beta)

.netCHARTING is future proof. Even before the public release of XAML, (the next generation vector format for Windows Vista / Windows Presentation Foundation) beta support has been added. As the specification and development tools finalize for this new technology it will immediately be fully supported.


.netCHARTING continues its tradition of breakthrough innovations with the addition of ImageBars™, which provide stunning themed, pictorial representations in bar form.


Horizontal Image Bars

ImageBars™ are also supported for horizontal display for templates that are well suited for such display.


Image Bar Templates

.netCHARTING commissioned a group of professional artists to create 30 image bar templates and all templates are included with .netCHARTING 4.0 at no additional charge. More image bars will continue to be added in future releases. If you have an idea for a new image bar please email the .netCHARTING team.

New Mapping Chart Type

A massive new feature of .netCHARTING 4.0 is comprehensive mapping support. You can now create a map using only 3 lines of code. Yet don't let the ease of simple mapping mislead you, .netCHARTING's SmartMap™ functionality provides power and intelligence never before seen in chart based mapping.

Support for Maps with multiple Layers

Maps support unlimited numbers of layers and can accept real data, readily available online, for the entire globe.


Satellite and composite image layer support

Combine satellite and aerial photography (orthophotos) with your own map data and other mapping layers on a single map surface.


Custom Map Shape Styling

Style map shapes with background images, line and label options, custom fills and images.


Thematic Mapping

Display large quantities of spatial data quickly and easily. Supports color coded ranges as well as custom markers based on data values.


Map Zooming

Show multiple views of the same map with zoomed areas. True vector source and industry standard format support allow for highly detailed maps from the global level down to a single property lot.

Projection Support

Maps are a 2D representation of the Earth's surface, which is a sphere (or more correctly a geoid). Using projections you can modify the map view to suit customer expectations. Lambert Conic and Mercator Projections are supported in addition to an unprojected view.

Map Attribute DataBinding

SmartMaps™ seamlessly support obtaining attribute data, including labels and other data such as population, length, area and much more. Map attribute databinding allows for quick and easy display of this information in tooltips or even on the mapping surface directly.

Custom Map DataBinding

In addition to data contained within the map itself, you can bind your own custom data from your own database to the map. You can also easily combine map data and your own data on the same map surface.

Programmatic Map Shape Access

Maps are created from points, lines and polygons which can be accessed programmatically. The attribute data associated with such shapes can also be accessed in the same way. Easily tune map elements in code with an easy to understand object model.

Shape Group labeling and styling

Shapes can be combined into groups for the purposes of group labeling or styling based on specific attributes.


Label Outlining Support

Supported in all chart types for all labels, the new label outline system provides enhanced clarity for labels over busy or image backgrounds. This feature is particularly well suited for the new mapping functionality in .netCHARTING 4.0.

Enhanced pie and bubble shading

Current pie and bubble shading has been enhanced. We are totally committed to ensuring the highest visual standards and frequently revisit old features to improve them in addition to innovating with totally new features.  

New Pie Bubble shading support

Now you can apply bubble shading effects to 2d pie surfaces for stunning and highly legible pie charts. Enhancing visual impact without negatively impacting chart clarity is something which is carefully considered with every new feature or update.

New File Handling Features

Building on the advanced streaming and automated file handling of previous versions, .netCHARTING 4.0 adds the ability to access any chart as a memory stream without saving it to disk. In addition, the FileManager now handles saving streams automatically.

Event Handler Added

A new OnErrorProcessing event allows special actions to be taken in the case of an error condition with the chart execution.

Native Oracle support *

Due to popular demand native Oracle support has been added to .netCHARTING. Now you can connect to your Oracle databases with the built in series data access system and run all samples against Oracle as well. Of course, the powerful DataEngine is still available to utilize .netCHARTING with any database quickly and easily.

Native MySQL support *

Support was added for MySQL databases directly into the integrated DataEngine and Series level database properties.


Native ODBC support *

In addition to Oracle and MySQL ODBC support was added enabling quick and easy integration with legacy database systems.


New multi-database sample system *

With the extensive new database support, .netCHARTING samples and associated database information can easily be generated and samples switched from the included MS Access database, to your own SQL server, MySQL or Oracle database with a single line of code. Now you can evaluate and work with the complete and powerful set of .netCHARTING samples using your preferred database backend.

Chart Click to Axis Values

A single click on the map now provides actual X,Y values which can be used for interactive charting applications. In addition, axis markers can be used to identify the specific point selected by the user for real-time visual selection feedback.

SmartColors for value ranges

Value ranges define a range of elements that fall within a specific minimum and maximum value. Used in combination with SmartColors, .netCHARTING can easily modify colors based on the range. This feature is ideal for highlighting outlier points or chart data that beats or falls lower than expected estimates.

Label Hotspot Support

Hot spots are now supported for labels in addition to the chart elements they represent. This is particularly useful for cases with small elements that are not easy to mouse over, such as very thin pie slices.

StepLine Chart Type:

Samples are now included demonstrating creation of StepLine charts.




Expanding the comprehensive selection of financial indicators added previously, version 4.0 adds the following:
DMI signal

Statistical Engine

In addition to the significant number of statistical calculations added in previous versions, this new release adds the following:
TrendlinePolynomial (Enhanced)

New Samples and Documentation

A huge number of new feature and gallery samples have been added as well as new documentation and tutorials.


New palette support

Additional predefined color palettes have been added including MidRange, VividDark and DarkRainbow which are particularlly well suited for the new 4.0 bar and bubble shading effects.


*Features available with .NET framework 2.0 only.

New in version 3.4

Released 11/29/2005

Visual Studio 2005, .NET Framework 2.0
and ASP.NET 2.0 Support

With version 3.4 .netCHARTING has a specific release compiled for Visual Studio 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0. Also, for those clients not yet ready to move to Framework 2.0 we have 1.x versions tested and supported in 1.0 and 1.1.

Powerful New Combination Charts

.netCHARTING has always maintained some of the most advanced and flexible combination chart options (enabling different series chart types to display together on the same chart area). Version 3.4 greatly expands on this flexibility with horizontal combination support for marker, line, spline, bubble, area line, area spline, financial bar, candlestick and more in both 2D and 3D modes.

Shading Effects Supported in 3D Charts

.netCHARTING's advanced shading effect support provides stunning visuals for 2D charts. Now this support has been added to 3D charts as well, where the effect will apply to the surface of the chart element.

Multi-Pie Labels now have Token Support

Token support has been added for multiple pies enabling run time replacement of token values and custom string manipulation.



Statistical Engine

In addition to the large number of statistical calculations added in previous versions, this new release adds the following:

Control Charts



Exponential distribution
Log normal distribution
Normal distribution

Financial Indicators

Expanding the rich selection of financial indicators added in previous versions, version 3.4 adds the following:
Finite impulse response
Market facilitation index
Price action indicator

New Chart DPI Setting

Setting chart DPI allows one to generate a larger, higher resolution chart image file which is more suited for printing.

Maximum Bubble Size Supported

Now you may set a maximum bubble size and have all bubbles in the chart scale proportionally relative to the maximum size.


New in version 3.3

Released 8/3/2005

Scale Break Styles

.netCHARTING's innovative scale break feature has been enhanced to support a number of different styles including: gap, line, zigzag and none. In addition, a line object can be specified to control all aspects of the line formatting, color, size, dash style and more.

Weekend Calendar Pattern Support

Calendar patterns are unique patterns to identify specific date ranges or calendar periods. With the addition of a predefined CalendarPattern.Weekends option you can quickly and easily remove all weekends from your chart (for example) which is a common case in the financial industry.

Scale breaks based on Calendar Pattern

Now it is simple to apply scale breaks based on calendar pattern with the new Axis.ScaleBreakCalendar pattern property.


Arithmetic Expressions in Labels

Now you can perform common expressions directly within labels using values from template tokens. For example 100-%YValue to show a label calculated as 100 minus the total for that elements Y value. In addition, a new formula token has been added which enables simple addition of trend line formula in labels.

Less Intrusive Chart Mentor

The chart mentor provides usage tips based on the settings you are using in a given chart. This mentor has been enhanced to take less space and also supports a seamless ‘hide' option. As always, the mentor is disabled when the mentor property or the debug property is set to false.

Post Render Box Positioning

.netCHARTING now exposes the exact position of any box after rendering. This enables advanced users to perform custom drawing based on the specific positioning of boxes.

Enhanced Smart Label Alignment

Smart Label Alignment support has been expanded and is now supported for all series types.


New Label Options

Labels can now be centered on elements and the label contrast for labels on top of columns has been improved.

2D Line & Spline Series Gradients

Like 3D lines and area lines before them, 2D lines now support seamless gradient transitions between colors.


New Chart Types – 3D Spline and 3D Spline Area

Support has been added for 3D spline and spline areas with enhanced visuals.


New Spline Tension Support

In addition, both 2D and 3D splines now support customizable spline tension settings on a per series basis.


New Background Mode

Brush mode enables a custom brush to be used for a background fill.


SaveState / LoadState

The chart object can now be saved to XML at any point and later restored. This powerful new feature is ideal for templating cases or for sharing a common set of properties among many charts. Options include saving to a string or file on disk. This feature can also be used to save and restore data that does not change such as last years sales data to enhance performance.

New DataField Support for ErrorData

Enhanced parsing and new mappings have been added enabling automatic population of : ErrorHighValue, ErrorLowValue, ErrorPercent, ErrorPlusPercent, ErrorMinusPercent, ErrorOffset, ErrorPlusOffset, and ErrorMinusOffset.

New TimeInterval Support

Minute (Minute by seconds) and Seconds support has been added along with corresponding samples.

Automatic DrillDown Enhancements

Enhanced to enable various international date time formats and support seconds.

Data input XML support enhanced

In addition to the previous support for XML datasets the data property now also accepts XML with attribute and node based data.

Smart Palette Support

.netCHARTING's numerous 'smart' features use integrated intelligence to enhance your charts - dynamically making changes to improve their look, feel and presentation. The new SmartPalette feature enables element and series color synchronization across multiple chart areas, as well as completely independent chart objects. Color is one of the most effective means of establishing continuity between different charts and now, with a simple setting, you can ensure that "company abc" always shows with the same color.
In addition to automatically synchronizing multiple chart areas with a single property setting, you can also save the state of a smart palette to disk or memory and load it back for use in other charts.

Forecasting Engine

The forecasting engine is a subset of the statistics engine and includes advanced forecasting capabilities including:
Exponential Fitting
General Linear Trend Line
Logarithmic Fitting
Non-Linear Trend Line
Power Fitting
Straight Line Fitting

Statistical Engine

In addition to the huge number of statistical additions added in the previous version, this new release adds the following:
Simple Moving Average
Residuals Average

Financial Indicators

Expanding the rich selection of financial indicators added in version 3.2, version 3.3 adds the following:
Extreme Value D Signal
Extreme Value K Signal
K Fast Stochastic NegativeVolume Index


New in version 3.2

Released 4/12/2005

Polar Chart Type

Complete support for polar charts has been added including advanced rendering support for interpolation of data points when using a quantitative axis.

See Polar Gallery

Seamlessly integrated

Statistical Analysis

Advanced statistical calculation support is now built in to .netCHARTING including

Seamlessly Integrated

Financial Indicators

All major financial indicators have been integrated and samples added for advanced multiple chart area financial and stock charts. Indicators include

Stacked Radar Columns

In addition to polar chart support, radars have been enhanced with support for the stacked axis scale.


Radar Axis Enhancements

Now radar charts have complete support for date and numeric x and y axis.


Radar Line Interpolation

Radar lines are interpolated between data points. This conveys a more accurate representation of quantitative values between data points.


Radar Axis Orientation

Radar charts now supports orientation angle and X Axis markers.


Calculated Axis Ticks Shortcut

A new shortcut method has been added to enable quick and easy addition of calculated axis ticks -- for example a tick for a series average.


Axis Marker Bring to Front

A new property has been added which will enable you to bring a given axis marker to the front; automatically placing other chart elements behind it.


Radar Gridline Support Enhanced

Alternating gridline colors are now supported for radar X Axes.



Include Grouping Data in Sub Values

A new feature has been added to automatically populate sub values based on the original values grouping calculations are made from. For example, if grouping by month a number of data points may be aggregated for that month. When enabled this feature will populate the sub values for that month so the individual values that makeup the element could be shown in addition the element total.

DataEngine Support for XmlDocument

XmlDocument is now supported as a data source when using the Data property.

Automated Multiple Series Drilldown Support

A new feature has been added to support drilldown into multiple series for all date grouping levels. This option determines if drill down occurs into individual series or the series grouping. When drilling down into a series grouping all available series will be shown in each hierarchy of the drilldown chain.

Advanced Limit Support

Now limit can be bound to a specific series. When using this feature first the series will be limited based on the specified value, then .netCHARTING will automatically match any remaining series to that limit order rather than limiting for each series independently.

DataEngine Enhancements

GetSeries now handles Boolean for xAxis or xAxisStart when loading from a database. Also, GetSeries has been enhanced to support display of full months of data when using irregular StartDate and EndDate values (mid-month for example).


New in version 3.1

Released 2/28/2005

Element Marker Visibility

You can now adjust the visibility of element markers with a single property setting allowing control at the chart, series or individual element level.

Minor Tick Control

The addition of Minor tick marks was well received in version 3.0, now in 3.1 complete control over minor ticks has been provided. In addition a new smart minor tick implementation has been added which automatically determines an ideal minor tick interval based on the major tick interval used. As always, automated settings can be overridden providing an high level control over the appearance and functionality of any given chart.

Smart Scale Breaks With Markers

.netCHARTING's innovative smart scale break technology has been enhanced to work seamlessly with axis markers.


New Chart Mentor

The chart mentor offers useful tips and samples based on the chart you are creating. It can help you resolve problems and improve the implementation of your chart in the most efficient way.

Specify Line cap scale

The relative scale of the line cap (based on line thickness) can now be set.


Printer Optimized Text rendering

A new setting is available to automatically optimize text output for printing.


Multi-Color Legend Entry Support

When legend entries represent a series containing multiple elements with different colors legend entries will now show with the first 3 colors to ease identification.


Enhanced Token Support

Value tokens can now be used in axis ticks with value axes. In addition, the Xvalue token now automatically populates using Name if another value is not provided. Tokens can now be escaped or excluded by prefixing them with a forward slash.


Gridline defaults in Calculated Axes

Calculated axes now draw gridlines without alternating fills to enhance readability.

Error Bar and Error Value Support

Complete support for error bars and values has been added along with support to automatically populate element error properties from your own database. As part of a comprehensive system for representing errors in collected data, .netCHARTING now supports multiple sub values with rendering as error bars, lines and markers.

HTML Event Attributes

A complete system for adding HTML event attributes has been added. Now you can easily define custom DHTML tool tips, use JavaScript alerts and message boxes, set the status bar text and even define your own custom handling client side handling with ease.

Arbitrary Tick Addition

A new shortcut method has been added which enables you to add a list of arbitrary ticks to an axis using a single line of code.

Enhanced Range Tick Rendering

The ChartEngine has been enhanced with regards to ranged tick rendering to ensure optimal spacing and alignment regardless of usage scenario. In addition, ranged ticks can be tailored to your specific needs with advanced interval support, along with line and label customization.

Additional FormatString support

Format strings are used by .netCHARTING to take inputs, such as dates, and format them into different string representations. New custom format string support has been added for Q which returns quarter numbers and O which returns ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.) for both numeric and date values.

Axis Tick Label Angle

Axis ticks are angled if they would otherwise overlap when rendered parallel to the axis. You can now provide a custom angle for labels to use.


Duplicate Axis Support

In addition to the extensive calculation support which enables axis to be calculated and converted using hundreds of built in unit conversions, .netCHARTING now also supports duplicate axis. These axis are the same as the original and are useful when you wish to have the same axis on both sides of a wide chart. In this way, one can read values off the closest axis to the element they are interested in.

Color From Settings

Using built in palette support colors are often automatically assigned by the ChartEngine. New shortcut properties have been added to set colors of series or elements from other series or elements. This can be useful when manually adding calculated elements, for example, and wishing the color to synchronize with a given series.

Time Label Automation

A unique feature which quickly, intuitively, and with a minimum of labels, conveys time related data on the axis. For example when showing 26 months it is not necessary to repeat the year for every month. In this scenario, the automation feature will automatically render relevant data across “significant date” boundaries. Used in conjunction with ranged tick support Time Label Automation provides a stunning, easy to read, axis that elegantly handles continuous date ranges using indicator arrows.

Additional Data Engine DataType Support

The DataEngine.Data and Series.Data properties now support all objects that implement IEnumerable, ArrayList and HashTable. This enables nearly any data source to be bound to the chart with a single property setting adding to the currently supported DataTable, DataSet, DataView, DataReader, XML and Excel types.

Simple Series Creation per Column

New DataFields support enables the addition of multiple series from a single table using one line of code. With this addition, multiple YValue data definitions are supported in which case each will automatically generate its own series.

Total Series and Total Elements Support

New properties have been provided to return the total series and element counts to aid simplified paging through chart data.



New in version 3.0

Released 11/18/2004

Multiple Chart Area Support

Now you can have multiple independent chart areas within a single chart image. Advanced automatic alignment functionality enables a single axis to span multiple chart areas and automatically align with each other. Now creating perfectly aligned charts with a shared axis is quick and simple.

Chart Area Sizing

With the addition of multiple chart area support comes advanced sizing options. Chart areas can be sized relative to each other by percentage and orientated within a grid layout.


Automatic Drilldown into “Other” data

.netCHARTING offers the ability to limit elements and new series created by its unique SplitBy technology. The result is the automatic creation of an “other” series which contains all data not included in the chart as a single element or new series. Now you can automatically drill down into this “other” data. New limit modes have also been added in addition to limiting the return to the Top x values you can now limit to bottom, exclude top and exclude bottom as well.

Axis Minimum and Maximum support enhanced

Now you can set minimum and maximum scales for log and time scale axis.

Log scale now supports any power

Now you can set the logarithmic base to any power in addition to the default log 10 support. For example base 2, base 5 etc.


Axis Minimum Interval

Set a minimum interval to ensure that the axis does not scale below your unit of business. For example, if you sell units which can not be divided, now you can ensure the axis will at minimum increment by one.


Inverted Scale Support

Creating inverted charts has never been easier! By selecting the inverted scale you can now draw charts from the top down.


Automatic and Custom Time interval Support

Now you can set custom axis intervals even while using the time axis. In addition, the automated interval system has now been enhanced for time axis.


Arbitrary Ticks and AxisMarkers can now affect scale range

.netCHARTING has intelligent automatic scale generation to select the best range possible based on the chart data. Occasionally you may wish axis ticks or AxisMarkers to be included in the automated scale range calculation. Now you can ensure important ticks or markers are always included in your scale with a simple setting.

Smart Scale Breaks

Often a chart has a few outlier data points which result in charts that are not legible for the bulk of the data. For example, if you had a chart of 100 values between 1 and 10 but 2 of the values were over 1,000 you could not accurately determine the values due to a compressed scale. Smart Scale Breaks automatically break the scale to cut out large unused sections so both lower and upper values can be clearly read.

Scale Breaks

In addition to Smart Scale Breaks regular scale breaks can be defined if you wish to break the scale at any arbitrary point.

Element, Axis Marker and Arbitrary Tick Support

Now you can define arbitrary tick marks on the axis with their own gridlines. In addition ticks can be defined for specific elements and axis markers.


Ranged Tick Support:

An axis tick typically represents and labels a single value on an axis. Ranged ticks show a range of values on the axis, and are also known as an axis group. For example on a chart of months you could have 12 ticks, one for each month and then 4 ranged ticks showing each quarter. Ranged ticks could also be used to highlight specific data in conjunction with Axis Markers.

New Tick Formatting Options

Now you can set Color, Font / Tick Line & length and Grid Line on a per tick basis.

Axis Tick Ranged Overrides

You can also modify the settings of a range of ticks by value to affect tick formatting for a subset of individual axis ticks.


Image Tick Support

In addition to text or label based ticks you can use images in place of tick labels. For example, you could use a countries flag in place of country name on an axis.


Axis Label and Tick Alignment

New alignment options enable labels and tick alignment to be adjusted to suit your specific needs.


New Axis Orientation

Axis can now be displayed on the top of charts rather than the bottom which is the default. You can also now have multiple axis on the left, right, top of bottom of the chart!


Axis Label Token Support

Now .netCHARTING's powerful token system can be used in Axis Labels enabling you to dynamically change axis labels based on token values.


Radar Charts Enhanced

Now with multiple radars each radar can have its own axis. In addition, time axis and bubbles are supported on radar charts.


Scatter Charts Enhanced

All series types are now allowed on scatter charts in addition to the previously included bubble and marker support.


Financial Charts Enhanced

Now financial chart types may be used in combination charts and powerful multiple area support provides increased power and flexibly for financial charts.


New Label Alignment support

Now you can adjust label alignment for labels including chart area, title, axis and axis marker labels.


Legend Box Enhancements

Massive enhancements have been made to the legend box including the ability to sort entries, show divider lines between entries, add headers, and add formal legend entries on a per entry basis. Legend boxes can now be positioned arbitrarily on the chart surface, even inside the chart area and can be orientated anywhere around the chart using predefined settings. Multiple legend boxes are now supported with the ability to add entries to any given legend box.

Custom Attribute support for Legend Boxes

In addition to the powerful new visualization options for legend boxes a new data subsystem has been added which supports tokens and custom attributes support. This means you can have your own custom data pulled from a database or set programmatically display in the legend box with ease.

Absolute Legend Box Positioning

In addition to the extensive orientation options for the legend box, .netCHARTING now supports absolute positioning anywhere on the chart with pixel level precision. Combined with background transparency, this feature enables attractive placement within the chart area or anywhere on the chart surface you please.

Background Shading Effect

A new background specific shading effect has been added.



Calendar Pattern Support

Now you can define custom calendar patterns to implement axis markers. Calendar patterns will enable you to highlight a specific event or region of your data which reoccurs including marking weekends or other recurring events.

Calendar Pattern Trimming

In addition to highlighting data, you can also trim values using calendar patterns. Using the previous example you could remove weekend data altogether in place of highlighting data during the week.

PostDataProcessing Event

A new event has been added which enables developers to programmatically manipulate chart data after it has been processed by the DataEngine but before the chart has been rendered.


A new method has been added which returns a dataTable of the processed data. This is useful to access the data for other purposes after the ChartEngine has processed it.

Start Date of Year

In addition to the ability to determine the start day of the week for automated week grouping functionality of the DataEngine, you can now use StartDateOfYear to control month start for years and quarters.

Include In Axis Scale

Often important thresholds are represented with axis markers and custom tick marks however if the data does not fall within range of these values they would not be visible on the chart. For the cases you wish to always show such values a new property has been provided. With a simple setting you can now ensure that the axis scale takes into account your axis marker or tick.
For example if showing a chart of bandwidth or file space usage you may wish to always include an axis marker indicating the maximum usage allowed, even if the users current usage would not normally include such values on the scale.

New in version 2.5

Released 6/14/2004

Gauge and Dial Charts

A stunning new gauge / dial chart type has been added. In addition to supporting a single chart, multiple gauges can be added for instant executive dashboard implementations. Many advanced features are supported with this new type including quarter, half or arbitrary sized gauges, with and without clipping, and 3d highlight effects.

Axis Label Marker Support

The new gauge type supports addition of a custom marker on the gauge face using this property.


Cleanup Minimum Age

Continuing the enhancement of the automated cleanup functionality available since the first version release, you can now specify minimum age to prevent deletion of specific files until they reach this age, for example, 30 minutes old.

Date Grouping Calculation Support

The date grouping functionality allows data to be easily grouped by date classes such as months, days, hours, years, quarters etc. It allows the same data to be visualized different ways with no custom programming required. Previously .netCHARTING would automatically aggregate (sum) values but now extensive arithmetic operations are supported including average, minimum, maximum and many more.

New Color Token

Building on the powerful token system a 'color' token has been added. This powerful new feature enables you to maintain color synchronization in drill down charts with ease. In addition, the built-in automated drill down now automatically supports this feature.

ImageMap and ImageMapName Exposed

For those clients that demand complete control .netCHARTING does not disappoint. Version 2.5 exposes the ImageMap text and ImageMap name which, used in conjunction with FileManager, allow you to customize images and independently assign image map data generated by the chart engine.

Per Element Hatch Style Support

Now you can customize elements with hatch styles, ideal for differentiating elements for black and white display or for those who are color blind. In addition to the specific hatch pattern used, you can also define element specific hatch coloring which can be set independent of the item color.

HatchStyle Palette and HatchStyle Palette Name Support

To complement the extensive per element hatch style support, .netCHARTING now provides the ability to define custom groups of hatch styles which are assigned, in order, to elements / series just as a color palette assigns colors. In addition, 5 predefined hatch style palette names are included to quickly and easily assign unique hatch styles using a single setting.

Series Background Support

A new background option has been added for series. This enables powerful background options for the new gauge / dial charts. For example, you could place a photograph of a real gauge in the background and have the needle be set dynamically based on the provided value. .netCHARTING will seamlessly merge the generated needle and background for photorealistic gauge renderings.

Annotation Text Alignment

New alignment support enables you to directly control the alignment of annotations in both the horizontal and vertical directions. Alignment options include left, right, center, top, bottom and middle.

Tiff Image Format Support

Now you can output 'lossless' tiff files with a simple property setting.

Vector Based Image Support

Have you wanted to print massive charts or zoom into the smallest detail without loss of quality? Now you can with native vector image support. Output charts as Enhanced Meta Files (EMF) and scale as large as you wish.

Series Collection Sorting

Now with a single method call you can sort series within the series collection. This new feature is particularly useful for 3D charts where it is advantageous to sort series in order to aid aesthetics such as a 3D area line chart (where keeping smaller series at the front enables them to be seen clearly).

Series Area Line Label Enhancements

Now series area line labels support label alignment similar to the new alignment support added to annotations.

Developer Version SmartBranding Added

The fully functional free developers version is branded not for production use. Typically this does not affect chart elements however with very small charts common in executive dashboards the branding can obscure part of the chart. With version 2.5, .netCHARTING will intelligently vary the branding transparency in such cases to ensure the chart can be visualized effectively in all scenarios.

Enhanced Annotation 'CallOut' Support

In addition to the previously supported top left, top right, bottom right and bottom left callout positioning, annotations now support callouts from the left, right, top and bottom. Combined with the new annotation text alignment features and advanced token system there are thousands of annotation variations now possible.


New in version 2.4

Released 4/14/2004

Axis Label wrapping

Labels on both the X and Y axis can now be set to automatically wrap horizontally, display on an angle or display perpendicular to the axis.


Axis Label Separators

To make the separation between tick marks clear, particularly when the new wrapping functionality is used, label separators can be added. Options are provided to control the line, style and color for such separators.


Custom Element Attributes

Now you can define any number of custom attributes for your chart elements.
In addition to the extensive built in element attributes such as color, font, line, transparency values, URL and many others, you can set your own custom values to be stored on a per element basis. Enhanced template support enables you to utilize your own custom data in any property that supports element templates such as annotation, URL, tool-tip, and name.

Date Grouping Sort

A new option for date grouping is now provided to control the sort order behavior. Date grouping is a powerful feature for grouping values into specific date ranges such as years, quarters, months, days and more.

Data Grid Header Template Support

In addition to stunning chart images, the data represented in the chart can be displayed automatically in a data grid in tabular form. This is useful for meeting accessibility requirements and easily allowing users to copy chart data as text. Now you can have the header set automatically based on chart data with new template support. This is particularly useful for drilldown charts or any chart where data changes dynamically.

Label trimming

Advanced label trimming has been added, allowing you to finely tune the visuals of labels that are too long to display well on the chart. You can now set a maximum length for labels, control the string used to terminate a truncated value e.g. "this is a long." and determine if labels will be truncated from the start, middle or end.

Simple database connectivity just got simpler

Now you can specify the file name of your access database or excel spreadsheet and .netCHARTING will be able to produce stunning charts from it directly with no complicated connection string or additional technical requirements.

Chart URL Mapping Enhanced

Define chart level URL for any surface of the chart to have a hyperlink while maintaining the functionality of any higher level hyperlinks that may be set for elements, legend entries, annotations and more.

Empty Element Handing for DataGrid Values

.netCHARTING has built in support for empty elements and can represent them in a number of different ways visually, or via labels. Now, when empty elements are included in a DataGrid view of your chart data they are seamlessly replaced with your own custom text value as defined with EmptyElementLabel.

Axis Label Rotation

Now you can rotate the Y axis label to read either bottom to top or top to bottom. The ChartEngine will also automatically select the most appropriate setting for each axis if not overridden.


New Palettes

Many new palettes have been added allowing you to chart with a variety of color schemes using one simple setting. As always, you can create your own palettes as well as set palettes at a chart or series level.

Enhanced documentation and Samples

More resources are now available to help you get the most out of .netCHARTING!

New in version 2.3

Released 1/26/2004

Advanced Empty Element Handling

Empty elements have always been handling intelligently and treated differently from 0 elements by .netCHARTING. An empty element is an element with no value which the chart will automatically render breaks for in lines and area lines. New features have been added enabling you to control how empty elements are displayed with custom markers, styles, lines, color, text notation and more! Empty elements may now also be replaced, automatically treated as zero, filled or ignored.

Multicolor Area Lines

This unique feature allows area lines with multiple colors to seamlessly blend together providing powerful visual queues in the chart image.


Annotation Support

A powerful new annotation system has been added which allows for custom messages to be displayed on the chart surface. Annotations may be attached to any element with custom orientation, made clickable and also display tool tips. Annotations accept tokens which are automatically replaced by chart data on the fly from series, axis or element information. Pure image annotations are also supported allowing for image layering with variable transparency.

Bitmap Image Access

To aid in simplified integration with reporting and PDF tools .netCHARTING now has a simple method for obtaining the entire chart as a bitmap.

Advanced Post Processing Support

You can now get the chart image in a bitmap with one simple step allowing for powerful post render operations on the chart. Calculated coordinate information is returned for chart elements allowing for powerful custom image post processing and a simple method is provided to automatically save the file for output.

Legend Image Support

Along with the chart image, you can now access the legend as a separate bitmap. This allows you to use the chart and legend images independently and reference them directly in your page for even more flexible layouts.

Fixed Column Width

By default column / bar width is automatically determined based on the number of elements and size of the chart created. You can now specify a fixed width which is useful when you want a consistent size in different charts or with drill down.

Ranged Area Line

The ranged chart type enables you to set start and end values for a chart. This powerful charting type previously available for other types is now also supported with area lines.

Enhanced Pie Labeling

With .netCHARTING Image is Essential and pie labeling has been further enhanced to ensure optimal alignment.

Enhanced Hotspot Support

Now even the smallest values are accessible for drilldown, hyperlink or tool tip support with enhanced hotspot support.

Background Bevel Shading

A stunning new background option is supported which creates an attractive bevel on any background.


New Palettes

Additional predefined palettes have been added allowing for simple selection of attractive color schemes. Palettes can be set at a chart or series level (in which case each element takes on a palette color)

New Samples and Documentation

Many new samples have been added and documentation has been enhanced.

Trend Line Support

Trend line series can now be calculated with a single line of code. In addition to calculating a trend line for included data, .netCHARTING can optionally extend the trend line outwards beyond the actual data as a predictor.


New in version 2.2

Released 10/29/2003

Series and Element Level Legend Entries

Now you can easily add legend entries for individual elements or series and control all aspects of legend entries individually. Legend entries can also be removed with a new visible property setting.

Legend Entry ToolTip and DrillDown Support

Legend entries may now be used for tooltip (showing additional data on mouse over) or drill down functionality.


Series Level Palette Support

A new PaletteName property at the series level allows you to have colors assigned on a per element basis within a series with one simple setting. Ideal for creating high impact single series charts the new system also automatically adds legend entries for each element rather than for the single series in such a case.

Axis Tick Label Templates

The powerful .netCHARTING template system has been extended to support full tick label templates. Now you can format and display your data in tick labels exactly as you please.

Enhanced Element Template System

The element template system has been enhanced with many more data values now available for use throughout .netCHARTING.

Format on the fly in Templates

On the fly formatting enables you to embed format string settings for a given template token to ensure the data is represented exactly as you want it without requiring manual formatting.

Automated Series Sorting

Now you can sort elements within a series with a simple method call.


Data Trimming based on set ranges

This powerful new data manipulation method enables you to remove elements outside a specific date or number range.

Series data manipulation with operators

Now series and elements can be manipulated programmatically with arithmetic operators. Add, subtract, multiple and divide any series or element with any other or fixed numbers.

Automatic axis number precision

When the tick mark interval is less than one .netCHARTING will now automatically set the appropriate level of precision for axis numbers.


Enhanced Design Time Support

Now supports declarative code generation and new properties editor GUI sections for customizing chart options. In addition, changes made to the declarative code directly will be reflected in the designer environment.

Selectable First Day Of Week

.netCHARTING's built in date grouping and DataEngine support has further been enhanced with a user definable start day of week. This new setting allows weekly data to be grouped correctly, exactly as you wish, be it Sunday to Saturday, Monday to Sunday or any other permutation.

New Clear Color Settings

New shortcut settings enable the colors to be cleared with a simple property so they may be selectively enabled in a customized fashion.


New in version 2.1

>Released 9/30/2003

New Bar Visual Effects

Two stunning new visual effects have been added for 2D bars. These unique visuals add a 3D visual punch to 2D charts. Now you can satisfy your clients with a stunning 3D effect while maintaining the ease of readability you have come to expect from 2D charts.

Enhanced Image Map Support

Image map render order has been improved to more eloquently handle overlapping conditions.

New Bubble Visual Effects

Two new bubble shading options have been added to provide your charts even more visual punch.


Shaded Legend Icon Support

Legend icons are now synchronized with the chart element's shading effects allowing for quick and easy identification of an element from its legend entry.

Maximum Bubble Size Control

You can now control the maximum bubble size and have all bubbles rendered relative to this maximum size.

Per element label controls

Now labels can be controlled on a per element basis with settings for color, font, size, alignment and more!


Enhanced Smart Label Functionality

The label system has been enhanced dramatically and now supports conditional label inclusion depending on spacing, forced label rendering, set vertical rendering and control over label alignment.

Enhanced documentation and Samples

More resources are now available to help you get the most out of .netCHARTING!  

New in version 2.0

Released 8/11/2003

Drill Down Support Enables “Clickable” Charts

Complete drill down support is now provided with advanced automatic drill down functionality using our own unique date grouping functionality.  Now you can create multi level drill down charts from your own dynamic database in as few as 10 lines of code!  Adding drill down support to a chart is as simple as one line – a single property setting!  In addition to the automated drill down functionality, complete programmatic control is provided along with a template system for drill down URL to enable passing information on the selected element for subsequent drill down actions.  Drill down has never been so simple, or so powerful!


ToolTip Support

Along with drill down support tool tips are now supported on a per element basis.  This allows additional information to be displayed when the user rests the cursor over a given element.  Through the ToolTip template you can control 30 different values which are automatically set when the chart renders.  You can also set the ToolTip automatically from a field in your database with additional information or comments you wish to display to the user but don't want to clutter your chart with.


3D Chart Depth Control

This new property allows you to control the depth of charts when rendered in 3D modes.  You can now control the width, length and depth of charts with ease.


Smart Label Support

The new “smart label” system ensures that labels do not collide or overlap even when chart elements are very close to each other.  A small pointer is used to reference the element being labeled and the text is rendered on a portion of the chart with space for the label to be displayed.  You have complete control over the indicator line color, thickness and style used along with the end cap / pointer included.

Complete Per Element Controls

Now you can control all expects of the chart down to the element level with complete per element controls.  Settings include the color, marker, label, url, tooltip, transparency, labeling and much more.  Now it is simple to vary colors on a per element basis or make changes to elements programmatically based on their value.  For example: iterate through the elements collection and change all elements between 0 and 30 to green, 30-50 to yellow, 50-80 to orange and 80-100 to red.  You have complete control over all settings providing an exceptional level of flexibility.

Alternating Axis Grids

You can now set and independently control the axis and alternating axis grids even specifying the background color / image of the axis grids.


Axis Markers

Many times a chart has a unique value which is significant but not directly represented by an element on the chart.  For example, it could be a date when a specific promotion began, some other event or a special value (break even point, boiling point etc).  With the new axis marker functionality you can mark specific points on any axis and even define ranges (for example weekends).  With the advanced marker range background support you can also highlight such areas with any color or image background you wish.  Of course you also have complete control of the axis marker line color, thickness and style.

Unlimited Axis and Axis Binding Support

Now unlimited x and y axis are supported for any given chart.  Better still, each series can be independently bound to a given axis effectively allow multiple independent charts to display on the same charting surface.  This feature is also very useful alongside the powerful combination charting options which allow different chart types to display at the same time in both 2D and 3D views.

New Calculate Axis Support

Along with unlimited axis support comes a powerful new concept in axis creation – the calculated axis.  Often charts will display established units such as temperature, distance, weight etc.  The calculate axis functionality allows you to create a new axis based on another axis with different units, all with one simple setting.  Have a chart of distance in miles?  Add a calculated axis with kilometers, yards or feet.  Over 1000 different unit conversions are built in and you can define your own functions for unlimited flexibility.  Process numeric values: 1, 2 ,3 into numeric names: one, two, three.  Process your own conversions with your own custom functions – the possibilities are endless!  In addition, you can calculate a new time based axis from one time interface (years) to another (quarters) with the same simple to use system.

Complete Per Axis Controls

Now every feature you can imagine is supported at the axis level with complete per axis controls.  Independently set the axis line, background and alternating background, range markers, value markers, tick label overrides, cluster columns per axis, format and culture settings, grid lines, minimum, maximum, interval, padding, orientation, percentage, position (order), scale and much more.

Line Object Support

A new line object enables you to control all aspects of lines used to draw the Title Box, Chart Box, Legend Box, Chart Interior (from 3D mode), smart label pointers and many other areas.


New Background Options

Apply backgrounds to axis markers to highlight a specific range or value on the chart.  In addition, backgrounds can be applied to alternating axis grids for a unique and powerful visual impact.  The background object has also been enhanced offering new hatch style and hatch color support in addition to the established solid color, gradient, scaled image and tiled image options.

Legend Template Support

Now you can control the order, distribution and appearance of the legend entries with a powerful yet simple to use template system.  Include the series name, the series value, and icon along with your own text.


Custom Legend Entries and Icons

Add an unlimited number of custom legend entries with independent text and marker details.  This feature is useful for notes on custom markers that have been placed on the chart or to highlight a specific element with additional information.  Combined with the new per element controls this functionality enables detailed information to be displayed on customized elements.  You can further customize the legend appearance by defining custom legend icons.

Horizontal Cylinder Charting Type

A stunning new horizontal cylinder charting type includes support for percent complete hatching.  Cylinder Gantt charts are also possible with the new range support.


Financial Charting Types

Stunning stock charts are now supported with series options for open, close, high, low, financial bar, Candlestick, and High Low Area in Volume chart areas as well as independent price / volume time intervals.  New stock specific marker types have been added including split, reverse split, merger, dividend and spin-off.  Of course you can specify any custom marker as well on a per element basis.

Donut Charting Type

A visually pleasing new donut charting type has been added.  With complete 2D and 3D support this type also allows for transparency control for a very aesthetically pleasing chart.


Extensive New Pie Options

A powerful new labeling system, combined with smart labels, provides some of the most attractive and legible pies ever rendered.  Labels can be rendered outside the pie with pointers to the representative slice, render inside the slice when there is room or automatically render inside or outside on best fit and appearance.  In addition, pie slices can be individually controlled and exploded with per slice controls for exploded distance. 

Range Charting Support

Now bar, cylinder, column and other charts support elements with start and end values.  This enables a column that starts at a value greater than zero, for example, and allows for effective and attractive display of ranged data.

Powerful Element Templates

Along with the complete per element controls comes a new template system with 30 template containers.  Templates can be controlled on a per element basis and are supported for element value, URL, and ToolTip.  For example: &Value will display the item value as a ToolTip (so when you hover your mouse over the element you will see the value).  If you set &Value for the element value you would see the actual value rendered on the chart.  You can also use any number of template containers within any template along with your own text, for example, “Name: &Name, Value: &Value”.   Template containers are automatically replaced with the elements name, value etc. when the chart is created.


New Marker System

A powerful new marker system provides an extensive set of 15 marker types in addition to support for any custom marker. Using built in markers you can control the color and size independently on a per marker basis. Markers are now used extensively throughout the product and allow for simple per series or per element customization.

Custom Marker Support

Custom markers allow any image to be defined as a marker and be shown on a per element basis. This feature is useful to graphically identify elements such as specific countries with their flags or individual companies with their logos. Now it is simple to provide enhanced readability and additional polish to any chart type with custom markers.

Default Series and Element

A new default series and element allow you to make high level changes to default settings quickly and easily.  Settings can take effect for all series on the chart, be overridden for one or more series and then be overridden for any given elements.  This powerful new system enables you to have complete control down to the element level when required while maintaining ease of use and quick default settings.

Design-Time Support

Already one of the quickest and easiest solutions to get up and running, new Visual Studio .NET integration enables clients using this powerful IDE to see the chart in design time and observe the actual rendered chart and how it changes in real-time as settings are changed.  A new wizard for Visual Studio .NET is also in development to further extend the products ease of use and rapid development for Visual Studio developers and will be available at no additional charge when released.

Updated DataEngine

Our unique DataEngine provides powerful data manipulation and acquisition features enabling you to chart multiple series from your own live database in as little as 8 lines of code!  Now you can directly utilize the data engine to create derived series, split series, limit element or derived series returns to the top values and even aggregate “other” series or elements into a dedicated “other” series or element.  Work with SQL Statements, Stored Procedures with parameters, Pass your own DataTable / DataSet, or use XML – the choices are endless and you can work with any database accessible within ASP.NET via ADO.NET.  You can even chart directly from your own excel spreadsheet!

New DateGrouping Formatting:

You can now have complete control over date formatting, even for automatically generated series and elements created by the DataEngine and DateGrouping system.

Customize DataEngine Generated Series and Elements:

Now you have complete control both by series and element, even when using the advanced DataEngine functionality.  Rename generated series, manipulate data, and update settings and visuals prior to creating the chart.

Improved DataGrid Display Options:

You can now control the orientation of the raw chart values for automatic display in a custom datagrid by setting columns by element or series.  As always, you have complete control over the position and formatting of the datagrid.

Stock Specific DateGrouping, DataEngine and Drill Down Support:

The data engine supports all charting types from the database / datasource with mappings to any custom field names for expected values.  In addition to automatically charting individual elements the DataEngine provides stock specific DateGrouping functionality.  With a given element representing as many as 5 specific values (high, low, open, close, volume) the data engine automatically determines an sets the appropriate values as you group by Years, Quarters, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours and Minutes.  It even allows for completely automated stock drill down charts with the addition of 1 simple setting.

Chart Area Label

A custom label can now be set for each chart area, enabling you to quickly and easily communicate additional information directly within the chart image. This is particularly useful if you have text that would normally be included in HTML on the same page as your chart, since when the user saves or forwards the chart image that plain text would be lost. Yet with the new chart area label feature it becomes part of the chart image itself. You may also control the font attributes and color used in addition to the text value to ensure the look and feel of your chart is exactly what you desire.

Independent Box Controls

A new box object allow for independent shadow, corner, label line and background customization on a per box basis. Customize the TitleBox and LegendBox to meet your exacting requirements with ease.

Enhanced Calculation Support

Now you can calculate new elements or derived series based by sum, average, median, mode, minimum and maximum. Calculations can run within a given series to product an element or within a series collection to produce a new series. For series calculations new support is added for running sum, running average, running median, running mode, running minimum and running maximum.

Enhanced Transpose Functionality

Now with a single property charts can be transposed, visually exchanging series and element values, without modifying the underlying data. The result is a number of stunning and unique charts including blended transitions. Transpose now supports all available chart types and data combinations providing enhanced flexibility to meet even your most demanding needs.

Unclustered Cylinder & Bar Support

Clustered cylinders & bars enable values across multiple series to display clustered, in groups, on a per element basis. This allows for easy comparisons between values for a given element across multiple series. Now cylinders and bars support a new unclustered display in 3D modes showing each element behind the next.

Automatic Cache Subsystem

Typically charts are rendered in real-time with each request representing different data dynamically with different charts for each client request. However in some cases the same charts are displayed to many clients or the data the charts are based on is infrequently updated. A new cache duration setting can now be used in conjuntion with the file name setting which enables the control to automatically determine if a new chart should be rendered or if the previously rendered image should be returned without further processing. The end result is a seamless scalable caching system that enables a given chart image to render only as required by setting one simple property.


New in version 1.4

Released 3/21/2003

Date Scatter Support

In addition to the powerful and automated date grouping functionality, .netCHARTING now supports date scatter. This means you can plot any arbitrary dates relative to their exact position with automatic axis scaling. Choose between years, quarters, months, weeks, days, hours and even minutes with one simple setting!

Quarter & Minute Date Grouping

In addition to the extensive range of date grouping options already available, quarter and minute support has been added. Date grouping automatically aggregates values for a specific date range with no additional development or database coding required!

Gantt Charting Type

The Gantt charting type has been added with stunning 2D and 3D views. Unique to .netCHARTING is the completion indicator which provides a graphical representation of task progress and allows for visual customization.


Axis Numbering Controls

Building on the powerful automated numbering system, .netCHARTING now allows precise control over the axis numbering. Independently control the axis minimum value, maximum value and interval.

Wizard / Code Generator

In addition to the extensive suite of samples provided in both C# and VB.NET the .netCHARTING wizard has been enhanced to support both C# and VB.NET code as well.

Axis Overrides

Axis mappings, or overrides, have been added which enable you to define custom labels for numeric values. For example if charting risk you may wish to use none, low, medium, and high in place of 0, 1, 2, and 3. Combined with the new axis numbering controls this feature is particularly powerful.

Excel Data Source Support

Adding to .netCHARTING's seamlessly integrated database support (no more writing database code!) for MS Access and SQL Server, Excel spreadsheets are now supported. That's right, you can now create stunning web based charts directly from your Excel spreadsheets using .netCHARTING!

Title Wrapping & Legend Alignment

For long titles the system now automatically wraps to a second line if required. Bottom Legend alignment now supports left justification when more than one element is included and centering when only one element is present for ideally balanced aesthetics.

Automated Series Generation

netCHARTING's advanced "splitby" functionality allows you to define a single series, generated from your database, and then create additional series splitting on a unique value (For example, show total sales split by customer - each customer would show with its own series). Advanced options are also provided to chart "other" elements aggregated as a single value. Now you can create a 10 series chart dynamically from your database in 6 lines of script!

Bar & Column Effect

Version 1.4 continues to push the visual fidelity of the product forward with a new effect available on bar and column chart types. .netCHARTING maintains incredible ease of use with dynamic database driven charts in a few lines of script while providing the best looking charts of any solution, on any platform!

New in version 1.3

Released 2/17/2003

Negative Value Charts

Full negative number support has been added allowing even complex charting types to display both negative and positive values at the same time. This new feature has been seamlessly integrated and takes effect automatically when negative data is included within any series.

Secondary Y Axis Support

An optional 2nd Y axis can now be added to the right side of a chart and scales as a factor of the original Y axis. For example, a sales chart could represent 2 different currencies by assigning the factor to a currency exchange rate. It would then be simple for values to be read off of the chart in either currency by examining the appropriate Y axis.

Scatter & Bubble Axis Controls

In addition to the control provided by the AxisScale property, two new properties are provided to independently control the scales for the x and y axis for scanner and bubble charts.

Bottom Legend Support

A new legend option is now available which allows for legend to be placed beneath the charting area. This allows for large series names to display cleanly without limiting the width available for the main charting surface.


Series Order Reversal

A new property has been added that enables you to reverse the order of the charted series with 1 easy step. You also have complete control over the positions with the series level position property.

Extruded Pie Support

A stunning new visual effect is available for 2D pie charts. In addition to this new effect, regular 2D pies and true 3D pies are also available.


Size Property

A new shortcut property has been added which enables you to set chart size with a single property.

Chart Level ShowValues

Show values controls if the numeric values for a given element will display on the chart. This new chart level property allows for a default value to be easily controlled. You also can override this setting on a per series basis.

DataGrid Series Name Support

The previous version added datagrid output support for the data values represented on the chart. Now you can also display the series names along with this data and control the name of the column used to display this data.

Date Axis Formatting

The specific date time format can now be controlled for axis that are date / time based.

Logarithmic Axis Scaling

The built in axis scaling options have continued to be enhanced with the addition of a logarithmic scaling option.

Data Table Field Selection

You can now control the fieldnames used when passing series data in a datatable. Options are available for which field to use for the x axis data, y axis data, splitby data, and bubble size data.

AddElement Enhanced

Two new options are available for adding elements to scatter and bubble charts with the addelement method.

New Samples

The included samples have been updated and a new sample has been added to demonstrate creating multiple chart controls programmatically.


New in version 1.2

Released 1/14/2003

Scatter Chart Type

True XY scatter support has been added. This allows both the X and Y axis to plot arbitrary decimal element values. In addition to point, scatter is supported for line and spline charts.


Bubble Chart Type

A unique new charting type which supports 3 data values per point. Bubble works like XY scatter but also supports a third value which controls the bubble size.


Scatter and Bubble Label Options

With the addition of 2 new charting types, powerful new label control options are provided including X, Y, XY, size, and XY size.


Stored Procedure Support

In addition to the built in SqlStatement support the product now allows you to call stored procedures to obtain charting data on a per series basis. Parameters for stored procedures are also supported through the new AddParameter method. A recent addition includes support for raw datatable input on a per series basis if required..

DataGrid Data Output

The included data processing engine performs grouping, aggregation and other calculations. A new DataGrid property has been provided which populates a datagrid of your choice with the tabular data represented in the chart.

Axis Scaling

This new feature ensures that small variations in charting elements are clearly visible. For example if all values were falling between 1000 and 1010 visually you would not see much separation with the axis starting at 0 and ending above 1000. Axis scaling enables the chart axis to scale to the range of the points represented in the chart so the full chart area can be used to reflect the different element values.

Cluster Property

Clustering enables columns to be easily compared by placing them next to each other in a group. This new property allows clustering to be disabled so, for example, so columns can appear behind each other.


Margin Settings

Complete margin controls are now provided for left, top, right and bottom. This allows you to control the amount of space or margin is left between the charting elements and the background. This can be particularly useful for implementing custom borders for your chart in conjunction with the new border background support.

Border Background Support

While extensive background options are already included, a new parameter has been provided to control how background images are handled. By default background images are titled if the image is not large enough to fill the chart area. Now, you can also scale the background to fit the size of the chart. This can be useful when using the background image as a charting border.

Legend and Title Box Style

New style options for the legend and titlebox enable you to control the corners independently from cut, box, or round options.



New in version 1.1

Released 12/09/2002

Additional chart types

Radar and Multi-Radar have been added in both 2D and 3D views. Great attention was paid to maintaining stunning visuals across these unique charting types. Special labeling, shading, dot type and line options provide complete control over the look and feel of the Radars. Per series transparency options allow you to highlight individual series and ensure that overlapping series are clearly visible. Dot type options are fully supported and allow for a variety of different symbols to be used, in addition, their size can be controlled.

New outline controls

The visual flexibility of .netCHARTING has continued to be expanded with the addition of style and color controls for the TitleBox, Legend, and Graph areas. Set outline colors and line type from any available style independently for each separate area.

New line style and color settings for axis lines

Axis lines can now also be controlled independently with a color and style independent of the graph area outline.


Dot Types are now supported on a per series level

Now you can independently control dot types on a per series basis and differentiate series symbolically in addition to by color. An additional benefit of this option is to make charts more accessible to those who have difficultly differentiating between different colors.

Additional Dot Types

A number of new dot types have been added. Options now include square, triangle, circle, diamond, and 4 different star options.

Automatic Dot Type Assignment

In addition to the new dot types, they can also be set to cycle. Each applicable series is assigned its own dot type automatically in this mode.

Dot Size option

You can now control the size of the symbols / dots used on your charts. Small symbols allow for precise point locations while larger symbols offer more general charts that are easier to read. This option can also be used to improve accessibility for those with visual impairments, and with dynamic generation you can let users select their own size if desired to provide the most positive experience for each individual viewer.

New Percentage Support

Y Axis formatting now support a special percentage formatting type. In this mode the Y axis numbers are formatted as percentages. In addition, if value do not exceed 100, the axis is capped at this value. Finally, if values are at least 50%, the axis will autoscale up to 100.

.netCHARTING Wizard

A Powerful new browser based wizard and code generator has been added! Create charts with point and click ease from your own database with no programming. Also useful as a powerful learning tool, view the code generated by the wizard - copy and paste into your own scripts or modify further for your own custom needs.

Initial Release v1.0

- Released 11/18/2002