.NET 5 charts are now cross platform on Windows, Linux and macOS

System Requirements: .netCHARTING .NET 5 can be run on Windows, Linux and macOS by installing the appropriate runtime from https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet/5.0. For development, Visual Studio users require Visual Studio 16.8 or later to use .NET 5.0 on Windows and the latest version of Visual Studio for Mac on macOS. The C# extension for Visual Studio Code already supports .NET 5.0 and C# 9.

NuGet Package for .netCHARTING .NET 5: You can download from https://www.nuget.org/packages/dotnetCHARTING.NET5 and generate different chart types with Razor C# or Razor VB syntax, for use in both MVC views as well as in Razor Pages.

.NET 5 Sample bundle: You can download the .NET 5 bundle for use in Visual Studio 16.8 or later or Visual Studio Code Important folders/files in the Sample bundle:

DNC.cs: An open source helper wrapper for .netCHARTING to provide the following:

  • Extends the html helper to set .netCHARTING properties quickly in the Razor page.
  • Populates HttpContext and HostingEnvironment and uses them when creating Chart object.
  • Loads database setting from appsettings.json or appsettings.Development.json and formats the connection string. .netCHARTING .NET 5 supports SQLite, SQL server, mySql and Oracle. OleDb/MsAccess is also supported but only when running on Windows.

Pages: Bundle organizer files and Sample files

wwwroot/data: sample data in different formats including: SQLite, XML, Excel and CSV files.

Visual Studio 2019: Open dotnetCHARTINGNET5.cspro in VS 2019, and run the samples using IIS Express Visual Studio Code: .NET Sample bundle can be run with Visual Studio Code using the following steps:
  • Open a new terminal through Terminal menu
  • Navigate to the directory of dotnetCHARTINGNET5.csproj
  • Build the project by entering this command: dotnet build -dotnetCHARTINGNET5.csproj
  • Run the project by entering this command: dotnet run -dotnetCHARTINGNET5.csproj
  • Open a browser to run https://localhost:5001 or http://localhost:5000

.netCHARTING is committed to supporting your Data visualization needs and getting you up and running quickly. Simply download the free trial with no purchase required:
If you have any questions, please contact support@dotnetcharting.com for assistance.