At .netCHARTING our partners are key to our success. From web developers to OEM, SaaS and PaaS providers, we are here to support you and ensure your experience with .netCHARTING is both positive and profitable.

.netCHARTING Professional Certification (DNCP)

The DNCP certification matches skilled developers with companies in need of their services. Learn about the benefits of becoming a DNCP or search for a skilled developer

OEM / Product Integration Program

This program is designed with software development companies and OEM's in mind. If you are looking to integrate high end charting functionality into your ASP.NET or Windows Forms applications this program is for you. Please visit our dedicated OEM section for more information.

Reseller Program

Ideal for web developers and software resellers, both online and brick and mortar, the reseller program offers industry leading discounts to those who purchase bulk license packs. Discounts start at 20% off for purchase of 5 licenses at one time. Please contact if you have any questions regarding reselling .netCHARTING.

Web Presence Provider Program

An affiliate program aimed specifically at web hosting companies, the WPP program is targeted specifically towards your unique needs. .netCHARTING provides licenses for a significant discount based on your volume. You are free to pass on the savings to your clients to attract new business or sell these licenses at retail pricing and keep the difference. In addition to aggressive discounts and special WPP licensing, this program includes a free production license that can be used to demonstrate the product from your own servers.