OEM and Developer Integration Sales

.netCHARTING is committed to providing the best solution for developer's OEM and SaaS needs. A major focus of .netCHARTING's development has been on innovative and unique features which help save developers time and money. We are confident .netCHARTING will enable you to bring high quality, enterprise level charting to your product on time and on budget.

Winforms (desktop application) OEM Integration

Winforms licenses are sold per developer per application. If you are building an application with a team of 25 developers and 8 of them will be working with .netCHARTING across 3 applications you would require 24 winforms licenses. In addition to single developer licenses you may purchase 4 developer license packs for a substantial savings.


Winforms licenses allow for royalty free distribution in your application so long as the following terms are met: Licensed developers of the .netCHARTING Winforms Edition may distribute the dotnetcharting.winforms.dll binary "royalty free" with their applications only when all of the following terms are met:

  • The license key is incorporated in your applications binary code and not exposed to any individual working with your application
  • Your application adds significant and primary functionality to .netCHARTING and charting is not a prominent feature or function of your application.
  • Your end users are prevented from using .netCHARTING programmatically, for development purposes, or further redistribution and usage.
  • Your application may not, in the opinion of Web Solutions Ltd. / WebAvail Productions Inc., directly compete with .netCHARTING.
  • You agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Web Solutions Ltd. / WebAvail Productions Inc. from and against any and all claims or lawsuits that result from the use or distribution of your application.

Webforms (asp.net, web based) OEM Integration

Webforms licenses are sold per web site or per server. Typically OEMs purchase OEM server license packs at substantial discounts based on volume. There is no charge for the number of developers that work on a webforms (asp.net) application. You pay only the per server OEM license fee for each server the product is deployed on. If your usage is for incorporation into a service offering rather than OEM licensed software, SaaS licensing would be required. In addition to OEM license pack sales we have a number of no cost programs for smaller OEMs with unknown product sales potential:

Trial Distribution License

This unique license offering enables you to add fully functional high end charting to your product with no upfront cost. In addition, there are no requirements for license issue or management for your organization. Special permission is granted which will enable you to bundle the fully functional developer version of .netCHARTING with your solution. Your clients are free to work with this product within your own trial version or even in a purchase version if they are evaluating the charting functionality. Should they wish to use the charting functionality in production, they would purchase a license directly from .netCHARTING. A separately executed licensing agreement is required for this license type prior to distribution.

SaaS licensing

For use within your web based applications where you charge recurring or one-time fees for your customers to access your site or service or provide access to your site as part of a paid offering (a free benifit of that offering).

Per Server (Tier 1) or Per customer (Tier 2) depending on the level of customization and functionality exposed to end users.

Please contact orders@dotnetcharting.com with specifics on your application and integration requirements to receive a comprehensive follow-up.