JavaScript and HTML 5 Chart Support for ASP.NET:

.netCHARTING has provided ASP.NET charts to developers world-wide for over 20 years and offered cutting edge JavaScript and HTML5 charts for over 9 years. This means that with as single line of code and with no JavaScript familiarity, jquery dependencies or development required, you can output resolution independent, modern JavaScript vector based charts with the simple ASP.NET server control you are already familiar with. Just create a new chart, and get immediate results with dynamic tooltips, animation and more!

.netCHARTING queries your SQL database datasource securely on the server side and passes optimized JSON data to the JavaScript chart running in the client browser. No messing with HTML, JavaScript, script src, AJAX or parsing XML, .netCHARTING just works enabling you to focus on the chart type, chart data and visualization.

As always, you can develop using Microsoft Visual Studio and .netCHARTING handles all the client-side code automatically. From line charts to bar charts to pie charts and 150+ other chart types, .netCHARTING has you covered. View the complete JavaScript chart gallery.