Gallery > Programming Features

  • JS Settings
    Demonstrates applying settings to the JS chart directly. This is useful for cases when a setting cannot be applied using DNC API.
  • JS Multi Chart
    Demonstrates using multiple JS Charts on a single page.
  • Image Map Text
    Demonstrates how to set an image map for the chart image and legend image separately.
  • Codebehind
    Demonstrates use of code behind for generating a chart.
  • Cleanupperiod
    Demonstrates using the automated temp file cleanup by deleting files generated more than 5 minutes ago.
  • Reload Period
    Demonstrates reloading the chart with dynamic data in a time interval.
  • Save State
    Demonstrates how to save a chart object to an xml file.
  • Load State
    Demonstrates how a chart object can be loaded from the saved xml file.
  • Postback
    Demonstrates how to use the reloaded data during the post back request.
  • Outputcache
    Demonstrates caching a dynamic chart page so the page contents and chart are only generated when the cache expires.
  • Fragmentcache
    Demonstrates caching a dynamic chart independently of page content so page content executes dynamically while the chart is cached for the duration set.
  • Usercontrol
    Demonstrates using .netCHARTING in a user control.
  • Multichart
    Demonstrates displaying and arranging multiple charts in a single page.
  • Multi Chartpro
    Demonstrates displaying and arranging multiple charts in a single page programmatically.
  • Debugging
    Demonstrates error message display with the debug property enabled.
  • Smart Forecast
    Demonstrates the smart forecast feature.
  • Render Control
    Demonstrates how to create a chart programmatically and output it using RenderControl.