Gallery > Annotation usage and examples

Annotations are customized boxes which can be positioned arbitrarily anywhere on the chart.

  • JS Box Positions
    Demonstrates annotations showing how items are positioned and stacked around the chartArea.
  • Pie Annotations
    Demonstrates using annotations instead of labels on a pie chart.
  • Strong Labels
    Demonstrates using annotations as bar labels.
  • Annotation Alignment
    Align text inside annotations.
  • Annotation Data Source
    Use data sources to process string tokens in an annotation. It will take the series collection we chart and show some additional information about it in an annotation.
  • Annotation Link
    Demonstrates how you can place links anywhere on the chart using annotations.
  • Annotation Orientation
    Align text inside annotations.
  • Dynamic Annotation
    Demonstrates using annotations with data sources.
  • Header Annotation
    Use annotations to create a custom company header on your charts.
  • Element Annotation
    Demonstrates how to attach an annotation to an element on the chart.
  • Data Source Annotation
    Demonstrates getting and using datasources with an annotation.
  • Box Headers
    Demonstrates background shading for titlebox, legendbox and annotations along with label shadows.
  • Box Shading Effects
    Demonstrates ShadingEffectModes with the background object.
  • Annotation Header Image
    Demonstrates replacing labels with images anywhere a label can go.
  • Annotation Chart
    Demonstrates creating a chart that draws only an annotation.
  • Annotation Chart 2
    Demonstrates creating a chart that draws only an annotation.
  • Annotation Construction
    Demonstrates a simple and quick way to create multiple annotations with similar styling.
  • Annotation Sizing
    Demonstrates the sizing behavior of annotations with different settings.