Click within the chart area to add a new point and observe how the SmartLabel™ positioning adjusts appropriately. For example, place a new point over top of an existing label.
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With today's dynamic, database driven web sites, your data is continuously being updated and added to. With each change, your charts must automatically adapt to remain legible -- be ready for anything with .netCHARTING.

  • .netCHARTING pioneered intelligent label placement technology in 2003 and coined the term SmartLabel� at that time.
  • While competitors attempt to replicate our past innovations, we continue to bring new advancements to .netCHARTING.
             2nd Generation .netCHARTING
            SmartLabel™ benefits:
    • Labels react to the environment and can move in any direction
    • "Human-like" selection behavior handles many more complex scenarios
    • Greatly improved performance for large data sets